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Volkswagen Promo Films


Volkswagen Promo Films


1-DVD (120 minutes)

2 hours of classic VW Beetle commercials and promo films!
Volkswagen commercials have won awards for their creativity
and humor, and this collection of vintage VW commercials shows
their advertising brilliance goes back to the earliest days of TV.


1974 VW Beetle & Camper Road Test
This is a clip we put on YouTube over 10 years
ago and has generated millions of views.


44 English Language TV commercials for the VW Beetle

Volkswagen Promo Film – ‘The Shape Of Quality’ (26 min)
Australian film promoting the Beetle, with some great
color footage of the manufacturing process.


Volkswagen Beetle Promotional Film (9 min)
Film of unknown origin, more great color
footage from the manufacturing plant!

47  Foreign Language TV commercials
(most are in German).


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