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Volkswagen Promo Films (German)


Volkswagen Promo Films (German)


1-DVD (95 minutes)

90 minutes of classic German Language VW Beetle commercials and
promotional films! Even if you do not speak German, these promos
and TV commercials are still very entertaining!


1949 Volkswagen Beetle Promotional Film – (55 min)
Very intriguing, as this long promotional film was produced only 4 years after the end of WWII.
Volkswagen (and the rest of Germany) were trying to re-establish themselves in their war battered
country, and the VW Beetle was “The People’s Car”. There’s some great footage of the assembly plant
and the production line. The film ends up with people enjoying their new Beetle while driving across
the German countryside, as well as the Autobahn, and they sing the Beetle song. (b&w)


German Language TV commercials and promo films for the Beetle – (40 min)
27 entertaining (and funny) commercials and promo films for the 1950-1971 VW Beetles.
Many of these are the classic 1961 commercials, shown in vivid color.





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