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Tucker : The Future Is Here


Tucker : The Future Is Here


1-DVD (43 minutes)

The 1948 Tucker was the car that could have changed the automotive industry.
A stunning beauty then as well as now, Preston Tucker’s car was the cause for
great concern at the big three auto makers when they became aware of it. Fast
and powerful for its day, the 1948 Tucker was also designed with occupant
safety in mind, a consideration that took the big three more than a decade to
come around to, and even then it was mostly to government regulations!
With an aerodynamic design that is comparable even to modern cars in its
ability to slip through the wind with little resistance, the Alex S. Tremulis
fastback sedan styling has aged well, and still looks good today.
This DVD features original footage (and some contemporary footage)
of the Tucker Combat Car and the fabulous 1948 Tucker Torpedo.


Tucker Combat Car – 30 sec
Original Universal Newsreel short of the marvelous Tucker Combat Car, the high-speed combat
vehicle designed by Preston Tucker, that could reach speeds of 115 mph using a modified
Packard V-12 engine. The high speed turret on top would later see use on WWII bombers. (b&w)


Tucker Combat Car Promotional Film – 11 min
Promotional film created to sell the Tucker Combat Car. This is a silent film
with titles scattered throughout, similar to a 1920’s style silent film. Great
footage of the Combat Car going through its paces. (b&w)


Tucker Promotional Film – 15 min
Rare color promotional film entitled ‘The Man And The Car’. Created by Tucker to lure
potential investors to his company, this fascinating film shows rare color footage of
Preston Tucker, his Combat Car, and of course the star of the show, his 1948 Tucker. (color)


The David Cammack Collection – 4 min
A brief look at the fabulous David Cammack Tucker Collection in Virginia. (color)


1948 Tucker – A Look Back – 4 min
A contemporary look at a blue 1948 Tucker, and some of its safety features. (color)


1948 Tucker – My Classic Car – 7 min
Dennis Gage and ‘My Classic Car’ takes a closeup look at
a green 1948 Tucker, and then goes for a spin. (color)

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