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1970’s – Thunder Of The 70’s (Vol 7)


Thunder Of The 70’s (Vol 7)


1-DVD (122 minutes)

1974 Carling Redcap 250 – Ontario, Canada   (8 minutes)
Highlight reel of the 1974 Carling Redcap 250, a series known as NASCAR’s “Baby Grand” series,
featuring Camaros and other ponycars. This is an old Speedvision broadcast, narrated by Bud
Lindemann (also misnamed in the film as a “500” mile race). There aren’t any big NASCAR names in
this one, but still entertaining to see then-new Camaros racing around the track. (Condition : VG+)

1976 Daytona 500 – Daytona Beach, FL  (76 minutes)
An original ABC Wide World Of Sports broadcast, edited for telecast. Typical of how ABC Wide World Of
Sports covered a race back in the 1970’s. The start was shown live, then they would cut to other events (horse
racing, surfing, etc.), and check back in on the race occasionally if there was any action. Later in the afternoon,
there would usually be a 30-minute update show as a race was nearing its end. In this case, it was the 1976
Daytona 500, and the TV audience was in for one of the most dramatic endings in NASCAR history.  We also
have this footage on our “Thunder Of The 70’s – Volume 4”, but this newly found version is much longer (76
min vs. 25 min), and contains pre-race interviews with more racing action. All portions of this video are from
the live telecast. These are not highlight reels. This was arguably the most exciting finish in NASCAR history,
with the legendary Richard Petty battling it out with David Pearson on the last lap. (Condition : VG+)

1979 Daytona Twin 125’s – Daytona Beach, FL  (37 minutes)
The original CBS broadcast of the 1979 Daytona Twin 125 Qualifiers, these were the two shootouts that
would set the field for the Daytona 500. Some great racing with some of the legends of the sport, including
Petty, Allison, Earnhardt, Baker, Waltrip, Yarborough, and Foyt. Unfortunately, this broadcast also shows
the accident of Don Williams, who was involved in a horrific, fiery crash on the back straight during the Late
Model Sportsman race, held the same day as the Twin 125’s. The broadcasters detailed the crash in slow
motion, unaware of the extent of the injuries of the drivers involved. (Condition : Excellent)

NOTE : These are NOT the “Back In The Day” programs (hosted by Dale Earnhardt Jr.) that appeared on
TV few years ago. However, some of these films ARE the actual ones used on those broadcasts. The films
contained on these DVD’s were originally aired back in mid-1990’s and do NOT have the little pop-up
balloons or trivia notes that appeared in the “Back In The Day” programs. Please understand that these
highlight reels were originally shot on film, not video. I am trying to be as honest as I can about the film
quality. These films were originally intended for the smaller TV sets of the 60’s, so they may appear grainy
 on the big TV sets of today.