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1970’s – Thunder Of The 70’s (Vol 1)


Thunder Of The 70’s (Vol 1)


2-DVD’s (248 minutes)

1970 Southern 500 – Darlington, SC – Race #38 of the 1970 season
Condition (VG+ to Ex) – Lots of 1969 Dodge Daytonas and 1970 Plymouth Superbirds in this race, and one
of the last hurrahs for Mopar’s Winged Wonders. The Petty Team, consisting of Richard Petty and Pete
Hamilton, experience overheating problems in their Superbirds. Cale Yarborough attempts to make it
4 wide on the front stretch, loses control, and crashes against a guard rail in Turn 3, then rides the
guardrail for a couple hundred feet! Buddy Baker and Bobby Isaac finish 1st and 2nd in Dodge Daytonas,
while Petty and Hamilton take 3rd and 5th in Superbirds. Includes some qualifying…. (23 min.)

1970 Falstaff Highlights – 1970 season
Condition (Ex) – Falstaff Brewing had their own series within the 1970 NASCAR season, awarding
drivers special trophies and payouts at 4 races on the Grand National circuit that Falstaff
sponsored. This film (produced by Falstaff) has a 5-minute intro, then recaps these 4 races ; Motor
Trend 500 at Riverside, Motor State 400 at Michigan, Falstaff 400 at Riverside, and the National 500
at Charlotte. Excellent footage, and a must for fans of Plymouth Superbirds. (27 min.)

1971 Motor Trend 500 – Riverside, CA – Race #1 of the 1971 season
Condition (VG) – With the decision by Ford and Chrysler to drastically cut back their factory efforts for 1971,
the opening race of the season saw a surprising win by independent racer Ray Elder. Due to the new NASCAR
rules, the aerodynamic “special cars”, such as the Ford Talladega, Plymouth Superbird, etc, would be limited
to 305 cubic inches, so the big names of the day (Petty, Pearson, Baker, etc.) would all drive non-aerodynamic
cars in this race in order to use the more powerful 426 Hemi and 429 Ford engines. (12 min.)

1971 Daytona 500 – Daytona, FL – Race #4 of the 1971 season
Condition (VG) – Somewhat grainy footage, but very watchable! In a frightening single car
accident, Maynard Troyer’s Ford Torino flips 18 times. This race would mark the last appearance
by one of the Chrysler “winged wonders”, as the new rules initiated by NASCAR, limiting the
aero cars to 305 cubes, caused the big name racers to move to standard bodied cars. The only
winged car in the field, a 1969 Dodge Daytona driven by Richard Brooks, leads a few laps but
finishes 7th overall. The factory backed team of Petty and Baker take 1st and 2nd.  (23 min.)

1971 Miller 500 – Ontario, CA – Race #5 of the 1971 season
Condition (VG+) – The first race at the new Ontario Motor Speedway, we see the new 1971 Dodge Charger
and Plymouth Road Runner bodies running very well, but A.J. Foyt takes the win with the famous Wood
Brothers #21 Mercury, while factory backed racers Petty and Baker finish 2nd and 3rd. (11 min.)

1971 Virginia 500 – Martinsville, VA – Race #15 of the 1971 season
Condition (VG) – Classic Martinsville action, lots of fender rubbing and short tempers! Richard Petty is
driving an older 1970 Road Runner in this race, and it’s quite apparent that he had the right setup. Petty’s Road Runner
appears to sit much lower than any other car on the track. An exciting ending, with Petty having to pit with
just 4 laps to go, and he emerges from the pits just in front of David Pearson to take the win. (17 min.)

1971 Motor State 400 – Michigan Speedway, MI – Race #23 of the 1971 season
Condition (VG+) – With Ford and Chrysler pulling back almost all of their factory sponsorships for 1971, many
top name drivers were left out in the cold. David Pearson, one of the most popular drivers in NASCAR, hopped
into the seat of a privately funded 1971 Pontiac GTO (prepared by Ray Nichels). While Pearson’s GTO ran well until it had
mechanical troubles, seeing a top name NASCAR driver fielding a race car that was NOT a Mopar, Ford, or Mercury was
quite an event. This race featured a tremendous battle between Bobby Isaac and Bobby Allison. Isaac (the 1970 Grand
National Champion) and Allison were both mysteriously cut from factory sponsorships in 1971, so running a 2-year old
1969 Mercury Cyclone, Bobby Allison takes the win, with Isaac taking second in a 1971 Dodge Charger. (16 min.)

1972 Miller High Life 500 – Ontario, CA – Race #4 of the 1972 season
Condition (VG) – A.J. Foyt brings home the checkered flag in the famous Wood Brothers
#21 Mercury Cyclone sponsored by Purolator. Foyt was dominant in this race, but
unfortunately, he would only drive the first half of the season. David Pearson would
end up taking over driving duties later in the season. (10 min.)

1972 Southeastern 500 – Bristol, TN – Race #7 of the 1972 season
Condition (VG) – A great race at Bristol in 1972. Richard Petty is using power steering for the
first time, and we see Richard Childress spin to bring out a caution! Bobby Allison wins
again, with Bobby Isaac and Richard Petty taking 2nd and 3rd. (11 min.)

1972 Virginia 500 – Martinsville, VA – Race #10 of the 1972 season
Condition (VG) – A convincing win for Richard Petty as he leads the
2nd place car of Bobby Allison by 7 laps (!) across the finish line. (15 min.)

1972 Winston 500 – Talladega, AL – Race #11 of the 1972 season
Condition (VG) – The incredibly high speeds at Talladega cause concern for drivers.
Several cars drop out of the race with cracked windshields. Richard Petty switches
to a 1972 Dodge Charger, a car he feels was more aerodynamic than his 1972 Road Runner .
David Pearson brings home the win in the Wood Brothers Mercury.  (20 min.)

1972 World 600 – Charlotte, NC – Race #12 of the 1972 season
Condition (VG+) – The longest race on the circuit, Buddy Baker pulls out a win even after
Bobby Allison led for 239 laps in his Chevrolet Monte Carlo. Front runners Bobby Isaac
and David Pearson both suffer mechanical troubles after leading briefly,
while Richard Petty suffers engine damage after a crash. (22 min.)

1972 Motor State 400 – Michigan Speedway, MI – Race #14 of the 1972 season
Condition (VG+) – David Pearson brings home a victory again in the Wood Brothers #21
Mercury, with Bobby Allison and Richard Petty taking 2nd and 3rd. (16 min.)

1972 Southern 500 – Darlington, SC – Race #24 of the 1972 season
Condition (VG) – Not as clear as the other films, but great action. David Pearson and
Bobby Allison swap the lead several times in just a few laps, and both drivers make
green flag pit stops with just a few laps to go! There’s an 8-car pileup in this one, and track
temps are at a scalding 150 degrees. Allison takes the win, Petty takes 3rd and,
several laps behind, H.B. Bailey takes 5th in a 1971 Pontiac GTO. (23 min.)

NOTE : These are NOT the “Back In The Day” programs (hosted by Dale Earnhardt Jr.) that appeared on
TV few years ago. However, some of these films ARE the actual ones used on those broadcasts. The films
contained on these DVD’s were originally aired back in mid-1990’s and do NOT have the little pop-up
balloons or trivia notes that appeared in the “Back In The Day” programs. Please understand that these
highlight reels were originally shot on film, not video. I am trying to be as honest as I can about the film
quality. These films were originally intended for the smaller TV sets of the 60’s, so they may appear grainy
 on the big TV sets of today.