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1950’s – Slippin’ And A Slidin’ (Vol 2)


Slippin’ And A Slidin’ (Vol 2)


1-DVD (132 minutes)

1954 Documentary “Dust Eaters” – (9 min)
Condition (VG+ – Excellent) – A great 1954 documentary covering dirt track racing from Daytona Beach. (color)

1951 Daytona Beach, FL – (6 min)
Condition (VG) – Before the paved tracks antiquated the dirt tracks, Daytona Beach was the
race to win. In this highlight reel you can see the ‘Fabulous Hudson Hornets’ battling
Chryslers and Oldsmobiles, and legendary names like Marshall Teague, Herb Thomas, and
Fonty Flock! (b&w)

1952 Daytona Beach, FL – (24 min)
Condition (VG) – Marshall Teague is back, and he takes the win with Herb Thomas finishing
2nd. Some great battles on the sands of Daytona, and includes some qualifying.  (b&w)

1952 NASCAR highlight reel – (6 min)
Condition (VG+) – A great highlight film covering events at Daytona Beach, Darlington, and Detroit. (color)

1952 NASCAR Modified Sportsman Race – Daytona Beach, FL – (10 min)
Condition (Excellent) – From an old SpeedVision broadcast (watermark in corner), this is an
exquisite color film of the rarely seen Modified Sportsman race at Daytona Beach. Excellent
footage, and a field consisting almost entirely of 1940’s and 1930’s era modifieds! (color)

1955 Southern 500 – Darlington, SC – (26 min)
Coverage of the 1955 Southern 500 from Darlington, South Carolina. The legendary Herb Thomas
takes the win in his 1955 Chevy. A wide variety of cars in this race; Chevrolets, Dodges,
Plymouths, Oldsmobiles, Buicks, and Fords. (color)

1956 Plymouth Promotional Films – (10 min)
Condition (VG+) – Two of the ‘Plymouth News Caravan’ promotional films, both covering
Plymouth’s success in NASCAR in 1956. Also includes a promo for the new 1956 Plymouths,
and an interview with Bill France, President of NASCAR. (b&w)

1959 NASCAR Safety – (10 min)
Condition (VG+) – A color film showing some highlights from the 1959 Daytona 500 race,
focusing on the safety aspects of the NASCAR stock cars. A few great in-car shots in this
one, including a driver at high speed with a cigarette in his hand! (color)

1960 Modified Sportsman Race – Daytona Speedway – (22 min)
Condition (Excellent) – A rare color film displaying the details of how Modified Sportsman cars
are prepared, including some interesting pit shots, all in color. This 250-mile race from
Daytona Speedway is famous for the massive 37-car pileup that occurred, the worst accident
in NASCAR history.  Contrary to popular belief, this famous crash did NOT occur during the
running of the Daytona 500, it occurred during this 250-mile Modified Sportsman race held
just before the Daytona 500.This race was the precursor to the what would become known as
the Busch Series, or later the Nationwide Series. (color)

1959-1960 Daytona 500 Documentary – (8 min)
Condition (Excellent) – A contemporary look back at the first two Daytona 500’s, hosted by
Dave Despain. While I strive to always use original highlight reels in all my racing DVD’s, this
short contemporary segment just seemed like a fitting end to this DVD. (color)