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1950’s – Slippin’ And A Slidin’ (Vol 1)


Slippin’ And A Slidin’ (Vol 1)


1-DVD (148 minutes)

1956 Southern 500 – Darlington, SC – (27 min)
Condition (Excellent) – This was race # 44 of the 1956 Season, held at the track too tough to tame,
Darlington Speedway in South Carolina. This film contains some qualifying, as well as the customary
1956 style beauty pageant. The eventual winner is the legendary Curtis Turner. Originally in black &
white, we have recently found a rare COLOR version of this highlight film! (color)

1957 Convertible Series – Daytona Beach, FL – (21 min)
Condition (Excellent) – A rare COLOR film of the short-lived Convertible Series from Daytona Beach,
Florida. This highlight film is preceded by a promotional film for an experimental Mercury
convertible, nicknamed “Minnie The Mermaid”. The legendary Tim Flock wins the Daytona Beach
race driving a production based Mercury. (color)

1957 Southern 500 – Darlington, SC – (25 min)
Condition (VG) – A rare color film from the 1957 era, this one includes some footage of qualifying shot
by a different crew as a promotional film for Wynn’s Friction Proofing. I combined this short film with
the actual race film. Some great footage  of Tim Flock, Herb Thomas, and many others as they roll out
of the pits for their qualifying runs. Speedy Thompson is the eventual winner in his Chevrolet. (color)

1958 Convertible Series – Daytona Beach, FL – (24 min)
Condition (Excellent) – A fantastic film showing the guts these drivers had back then, running flat out
on the beach at Daytona, then making a sweeping 180 degree turn over rough sand, and then
running flat out the other direction on pavement! Some great battles, and lots of action in those two
“sand” turns. This race was part of the long extinct “Convertible Series” that all the NASCAR racers
ran back then. All 29 entries were ragtops, all cars ran with their top down, and they all had very
crude rollbars that would not do much in the event of a rollover. In fact, a couple  cars can be seen
with a single roll bar, running lengthwise through the interior! Curtis Turner, Joe  Weatherly, Lee
Petty, Tim Flock, Buck Baker, they’re all here! (b&w)

1958 Southern 500 – Darlington, SC – (26 min)
Condition (Excellent) – A color film, but the color is washed out. Still an excellent, clear film of the
1958 Southern 500. Includes a brief recap of prior Southern 500’s, and a pre-race parade with some
non-politically correct participants. The race was won by Fireball Roberts in a 1957 Chevrolet. (color)

1959 Daytona 500 – Daytona, FL – (25 min)
Condition (Excellent) – While this is a color film, the color is washed out, so I tried to restore some
color during my editing. This is the legendary first Daytona 500 on the new superspeedway in
Daytona. This was also the race that went green flag the entire way, ending with a photo finish
showing Lee Petty in his Oldsmobile beating out Johnny Beauchamp by a mere 2 feet! (color)