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Pontiac Promo Films : 1971-1972


Pontiac Promo Films : 1971-1972


1-DVD (114 minutes)

“Pontiac Pours It On” (1971)  –  24 minutes
This is a fascinating look at how Pontiac V8 engines were built, from the foundry to the assembly process,
we see engine blocks being machined, cranks being turned, and the care and accuracy that Pontiac poured
into every 1971 engine.  There are also a few scenes showing piston assembly, head machining, differential
assembly, body stamping, paint process, bumper dipping, and much more!  (Quality : VG+)


“Pure Pontiac” (1971)  –  41 min
Original promotional film intended for Pontiac dealers, this film covers the new 1971 models. Good
information on the new Grand Ville and Grand Prix. This is also the film that shows a little dragstrip test
between a 1971 Judge and 1970 GTO.   (Quality : VG)


“Ventura II and T-37” (1971)  –  37 min
Promotional film for Pontiac salesmen showing the new Ventura II. Comparisons are made to the Ford
Maverick, Plymouth Duster, Dodge Dart, etc. As the presentation is made for the new Ventura II compact,
there is a short segment on the more upscale T-37 for the buyer that desired a larger car for almost the
same price as the Ventura Sprint.   (Quality : VG)


“The Bug And The Beetle” (1972)  –  14 minutes
This film was intended to boost the morale of the Pontiac assembly line worker by explaining how the
Japanese Imports (The Bug and the Beetle) were becoming a threat to the American Auto Industry. With
great foresight, this film explains how Pontiac line workers need to take pride in their jobs, or eventually
the Japanese Auto Makers would take over. Within 10 years, Pontiac (and the other Detroit automakers)
would lose significant market share to the imports. The quality of this film is not the best, some warping
due to a very old source tape, but very watchable!   (Quality : VG)