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Pontiac Promo Films : 1954-1956


Pontiac Promo Films : 1954-1956


1-DVD (106 minutes)

1954 Pontiac Promotional Films – “Old Friends” (b&w) – 8 min.
In this promotional film, two old friends meet up while getting a shoe shine, and
one of the men begins to explain how fantastic his local Pontiac dealership is.


1954 Pontiac Promotional Film – “Look At Pontiac” (b&w) – 20 min
Highlighting all the features of the new 1954 Pontiacs. After seeing all the highlights,
we go for a test drive. And driving the new 1954 Pontiac is like being a jet fighter
test pilot! A classic Cold War style promotional film.


1954 Pontiac TV Commercials  (b&w) Р5 min
Seven commercials for the new 1954 Pontiac, with the theme
‘Dollar For Dollar, You Can’t Beat A Pontiac’.


1955 Pontiac Promotional Film (b&w) – 15 min
Titled “America’s New Choice”, this film showcases the all new 1955 Pontiacs.


1955 Pontiac Promotional Films (b&w) – 22 min
A series of 4 films showcasing the performance and endurance of the new 1955 Pontiacs.


1955 Pontiac Promotional Film – “See For Yourself With Pontiac” (b&w) – 13 min
Another promotional film for the 1955 Pontiacs, showcasing the features, styling, and performance. Great
shots of the power seat operation, as well as the Deluxe Electromatic radio with signal seeking ability.


1955 Pontiac Promotional Film – (color) – 9 min
A silent film, believed to have been used as a backdrop to the 1955 GM Motorama
display for Pontiac. Narration has not been found for this clip, but this is clear and
beautiful color footage of the new 1955 Pontiac in a photo studio.


1956 Pontiac Promotional Films (b&w) – 13 min
A series of 2 films showcasing the performance and endurance of the new 1956 Pontiacs.

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