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Pontiac Promo Films : 1952-1953


Pontiac Promo Films : 1952-1953


1-DVD (109 minutes)

For 1952-1953, Pontiacs remained well-built mid-priced cars that offered value.
These promotional films are targeted at training Pontiac salesmen.


1952 Pontiac Promotional Films – “Destination : Dotted Line” (b&w) – 75 min.
This a series of 7 training films for the new 1952 Pontiacs. Each segment
(approx. 10 min each) focuses on a different aspect of selling the new 1952 Pontiacs.


1953 Pontiac Promotional Film – “Feature Story” (b&w) – 13 min
An introductory film for salesmen showcasing the new features of the 1953 Pontiacs.


1953 Pontiac Promotional Film – “Look Who’s Talking” (b&w) – 9 min
Sales training film explaining how to sell used cars. This is an official 1953 Pontiac sales training
film. While there is no relevant information pertaining to 1953 Pontiacs in this one, it’s still a
fascinating look at how Pontiac salesmen were trained to sell used cars on their lot.


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