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Pontiac Promo Films : 1939-1951


Pontiac Promo Films : 1939-1951


1-DVD (84 minutes)

From pre-WWII to just after the war, Pontiacs were known as conservative,
well-built cars that appealed to middle America. These vintage promotional
films also show how Pontiac did their part to support our effort during WWII.


1939 Pontiac Promotional Film – “The Car America Will Be Proud To Own” (b&w) – 28 min.
This a series of 5 films on the new 1939 Pontiacs. These are not salesmen training films, these are
films that would have been shown to prospective buyers (or perhaps as a movie preview) about the
advantages of owning a Pontiac. The theme here is American pride, comparing Pontiac
ownership to that of a championship football team, the U.S. Navy, etc.


1940 Pontiac Promotional Film – “For Pontiac Pride And Performance” (b&w) – 16 min
Fascinating promotional film showing all the technological advancements of the new 1940 Pontiacs.


1949 Pontiac Promotional Film – “Stepping Up With The Joneses” (color) – 17 min
A great campy color film from a bygone era, as dad is finally going to look at a new Pontiac after
pressure from his wife to ‘step up with the Joneses’. The teenage son throws in few lines about
how cool the 1949 Pontiac is, they won’t even have to chop the top for racing!


1951 Pontiac Promotional Film – “Through The Years” (color) – 20 min
Fantastic color film recapping Pontiac’s short history, and a lot of footage of the
assembly line and manufacturing process of the new 1951 Pontiacs.

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