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Pontiac : Looking Back


Pontiac : Looking Back


1-DVD (140 minutes)


1960 Bonneville  – (6 min.)
Segment from “My Classic Car” on a beautiful red 1960 Bonneville.


Early Super Duty Cars – (23 min.)
This is from the excellent TV series “American Musclecar”
featuring the early (1963 and earlier) Pontiac Super Duty cars.


The Trans Am – (23 min.)
Another from the “American Musclecar” series, this time on the
Firebird and Trans Am. Coverage is almost exclusively on the
1967-1974 models, with some comments by Jim Wangers.


The 1964 GTO – (23 min.)
This episode of “American Musclecar” is on the granddaddy
of them all, the 1964 GTO. Comments by Jim Wangers, Pete McCarthy,
and some good footage of various 1964 GTO’s.


Car And Driver – 1964 GTO – (5 min.)
A short segment on the controversy surrounding the March 1964 issue of Car And
Driver magazine, where the Pontiac GTO was compared to the Ferrari GTO.


1965 GTO – (5 min.)
From “My Classic Car”, Dennis takes a red, tri-power
equipped  1965 GTO out for a spin with owner Larry Weiner.


1967-1969 Firebirds – (5 min.)
From the “Car And Driver” TV show, this segment
covers the 1st Generation Firebirds.


1969 & 1999 Trans Am – (6 min.)
The weekly TV Series “Motorweek” was given access to a low mileage
1969 Trans Am, and they pitted it against a then new 1999 Trans Am.


The 1969 Judge – (23 min.)
This is another “American Musclecar” show, this time covering the
1969 GTO Judge. Segments on why The Judge was produced, etc.


1969 Judge RAV – (6 min.)
From “My Classic Car”, Dennis Gage covers a very rare Ram Air V
powered 1969 Judge, and goes for a short cruise!


1969 Grand Prix – (4 min.)
“Motor Trend TV” visits the owner of a 1969 Grand Prix 4-speed.


1972 Trans Am – (5 min.)
From “My Classic Car”, Dennis Gage visits the owner of
a completely original, low mileage 1972 Trans Am.


2002 POCI – (6 min.)
From “My Classic Car”, Dennis Gage visits the rain-soaked
2002 Pontiac Oakland Club International (POCI) Nationals.