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Pontiac Firebird Story


Pontiac Firebird Story


1-DVD (69 minutes)

The Firebird Story (46 min)
An excellent documentary produced by The History Channel back in 1995. Traces the origins of the Firebird
along with how Pontiac became a performance division under the leadership of Bunkie Knudsen, Pete Estes,
and John DeLorean. Interviews with Jim Wangers, along with several original TV ads, interviews, and
promo clips of Firebirds through the years makes this my all-time favorite Pontiac video!


American Muscle Car – Firebird & Trans Am (23 min)
From the “American Muscle Car” series on the old Speed TV Network, this documentary covers the Firebird
and Trans Am, with coverage almost exclusively on the 1967-1974 models. Originally aired in 2003.