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Pontiac Fiero : Mid-Engined Sports Car


Pontiac Fiero : Mid-Engined Sports Car


1-DVD (112 minutes)

Promotional films, TV commercials, and TV road tests for the fabulous
Pontiac Fiero. The Fiero was the only American mid-engined car produced
between 1984-1988. The Fiero was often misunderstood by the media,
unfairly compared to the expensive Chevrolet Corvette. The Fiero was
meant to be an affordable sports car, with good power, revolutionary
construction, and provide Americans with a truly eye-catching design,
an alternative to the bland cars seen on highways in the mid-1980’s.
Fiero fans are loyal and the Fiero remains a unique part of Pontiac history.


1984 Fiero – Promotional Film #1 – (10 min.)
The first promotional film on the revolutionary new 1984 Fiero, this film was supplied
to Pontiac dealers to explain the new features, including the mid-engined layout.


1984 Fiero – Promotional Film #2 – (23 min.)
An excellent Pontiac Promotional Film on the Fiero, this film was targeted at the buyer.
Hosted by a young Mike Joy, who has been a commentator for ESPN, Formula 1, and
NASCAR, this film has some great assembly line and behind-the-scenes footage.


1984 Fiero – TV Commercials – (90 sec.)
Three vintage TV commercials for the 1984 Fiero.


1984 Fiero – NHTSA Crash Tests – (19 min.)
Original footage of NHTSA crash tests for the new 1984 Fiero. There is no
sound in these clips, they were used simply to accumulate crash test data. Super slow
motion shows the results of impact with and without seat belts from many different
angles. The footage showing a crash without seatbelts is frightening.


1985 Fiero – Promotional Film – (9 min.)
An original 1985 Pontiac Promotional Film for the 1985 Fiero, and the new 1985 Fiero GT.


1985 Fiero – TV Commercial – (30 sec.)
An original TV commercial featuring the Fiero GT.


1988 Fiero – Promotional Film – (18 min.)
With a redesigned suspension, the 1988 Fiero was improved over the prior years, and
Pontiac added a high-performance Formula model. This film showcases the Fiero in its
final year, and while the Fiero’s main competition was the Toyota MR2, Pontiac decided
to make a head-to-head comparison with the Nissan Pulsar NX SE.


1984-1988 Fiero – TV Road Tests – (30 min.)
A compilation of original Fiero TV road tests from the MotorWeek TV show.
This originally aired in 1988, when it was announced the Fiero was going to be
discontinued. MotorWeek compiled all of their Fiero clips as a final tribute.