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Lincoln-Mercury Promo Films : 1966-1970


Lincoln-Mercury Promo Films : 1966-1970


1-DVD (126 minutes)

Over 2 hours of original Lincoln-Mercury Promotional Films,
and a few TV commercials, from the 1966-1970 era.


1966 Mercury Promotional Film   (73 min)
This VERY long film showcases the excess of Mercury advertising and promotion back in 1966.
This film is nearly a full-length feature, and has an entire scripted story line revolving around
foreign intrigue, spies, and mid-60’s Cold War fears. Between the filmmakers overindulgence
and creative freedoms, we see some great footage of the Lincoln Continental, Mercury Comet,
and a rundown of the Mercury lineup for 1966. Mercury must have had to strap their salesmen to
their chairs to have them sit through this tedious 73 minute film, but in typical Mercury tradition,
the filmmakers loaded the scenes with several very pretty girls in order to hold our attention!


1968 Cougar Commercial   (1 min)


1968 Cougar and Cyclone Promotional Film   (4 min 30 sec)


1970 Mercury – Luxury Lineup   (14 min)
This is also an “artistic” film,  showing fun and frolicking
young people in and around the San Francisco area, while
highlighting the new 1970 Mercury luxury lineup.


1969 Lincoln Continental   (6 min)


1969 Mercury Monterey   (3 min)


1969 Mercury Marquis   (6 min)


1970 Lincoln Continental   (9 min)


1969 Mercury Marauder X-100   (3 min)
With Dan Gurney taking the seldom seen
Marauder X-100 around a mountain road course.


1970 Mercury High Performance TV Commercials   (3 min)
Cyclone Spoiler / GT, Montego MX, Cougar XR7