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Let’s Make A Deal! : 1970-1975


Let’s Make A Deal! : 1970-1975


1-DVD (93 minutes)

A compilation of clips from the popular 1970’s TV game show “Let’s Make A Deal”
hosted by Monty Hall. These clips are organized by make of car, and are from the
1970-1975 time period. The Game Show Network reran episodes of “Let’s Make A Deal”
show around 2008, and we have painstakingly compiled just the automotive segments,
and just American cars, that were given away as prizes.


AMC (2 min)


BUICK (15 min)


CADILLAC (8 min)


CHEVROLET (33 min)


CHRYSLER (13 min)


MERCURY (2 min)




PONTIAC (16 min)