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IndyCar / USAC : 1972


Indy/USAC : 1972


1-DVD (103 minutes)

1972 Michigan 200 – (13 min.)
Held on July 16th, this race was known as the Twin 200’s because the USAC Stock Cars also ran on this day
at this track. The USAC Indy Car race was marred by a horrific crash on the fourth lap involving Merle
Bettenhausen, who would lose his right arm in the accident. He was hospitalized in critical condition. Gary
Bettenhausen would retire from the race in order to be with his brother in the hospital. The race sustained
two red flags before Joe Leonard would capture the win.


1972 Indy 500 Highlights – (22 min)
Titled “A Yard Of Brick”, these are highlights of the 1972 Indy 500 qualifying and race.


1972 Indy 500 Highlights – (25 min)
An official Indy 500 Film titled “Wings To Victory”, this is another
excellent highlight reel covering Indy 500 qualifying and the race.


Al Unser Documentary – (42 min)
A 2001 documentary from ESPN under the SportsCentury series title. This is an excellent look at the career
of Al Unser, who would become a 4-time Indy 500 champion and the 1970 USAC Indy Car champion.