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IndyCar / USAC : 1970 (Volume 2)


Indy/USAC : 1970 (Volume 2)


1-DVD (107 minutes)

1970 Hoosier 100 – (41 min)

Back when the USAC Series Championship really challenged drivers, with races consisting of paved ovals, road
courses, the Indy 500, a hill climb, and several dirt tracks! This race is from the 1-mile Indianapolis State Fairgrounds
track, one of 3 races that would be held in Indianapolis during the season for the USAC Championship, the others
being the Indy 500, and a race on the road course. This is live coverage from ABC’s Wide World Of Sports, with
commentators Jim McKay and Chris Economacki. Racing is fierce, and the regulars are all here, including Andretti,
Foyt, and Unser. With his new Johnny Lightning sponsorship, Al Unser Sr. takes the win, while Ralph Liguori and A.J.
Foyt hammer on each other for 2nd place right up until the end. Great live footage from a bygone era.


1970 Phoenix 150 – (7 min)

An excellent recap of the 1970 Phoenix 150, held at Phoenix International Raceway.
This was race #1 of the season, and Al Unser was off to a strong start, capturing an
easy win in the #2 Johnny Lightning Special, while brother Bobby Under takes 2nd.


1970 Rex Mays Classic – (11 min)

Another highlight reel, this is race #5 of the season, from the Milwaukee track. This
race is won by Joe Leonard, Al Unser’s teammate, in another Johnny Lightning car.


1970 Tony Bettenhausen 100 – (15 min)

Live ABC Wide World Of Sports coverage of race #10 of the season, a dirt track in Springfield, IL.
ABC provided live coverage for the first 15 minutes of this race. Al Unser would win yet again. The
very next day, USAC drivers would head to Milwaukee for a paved oval race!


1970 Milwaukee 200 – (6 min)

Race #11 of the 18 race season, this one is another Al Unser win, his 6th of the
year (so far). More great footage of that classic Johnny Lightning car!


1970 Ted Horn 100 – (1 min)

Race #13 of the 18 race season, this is another dirt track, this time in DuQuoin, IL. A very brief recap of
the race, significant here because A.J. Foyt flips his dirt track car. Al Unser goes on to win yet again!


1970 Hoosier 100 (highlights) – (9 min)

From the Indiana State Fairgrounds, this is a highlight reel of the first race on this DVD,
included here as it contains some great footage not shown during the live broadcast.


1970 Sedalia 100 – (7 min)

From Sedalia Missouri, this is another classic dirt track battle, with Al Unser once again taking the win.
This was race #15 of the 18 race season, and Unser’s domination of the season was almost complete.


1970 Golden State 100 – (9 min)

From the California State fairgrounds, another dirt track, another Al Unser win! More great footage
of some of the all-time greats sliding through the turns. This was race #17 of the 18 race season,
and Unser’s final victory, capping off an amazing record, winning 10 of the 18 races in 1970. This
would also be the last time USAC held a points race on a dirt track until the 1981 season.