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Hot Rod Movie Night #5


Hot Rod Movie Night #5


1-DVD (192 minutes)

“Hot Rod Movie Night : Volume 5” is the fifth DVD in our series featuring full length
films from the 40’s to the 70’s. In “Volume 5” we feature stock car racing!
We use dual-layer discs in order to get 2 full length movies on one DVD without
 any loss in quality, and like all our discs, they are burned in an NTSC format,
and will play on all DVD players around the world.


Red Line 7000 (1965) – 110 min
A racing team run by Pat Kazarian starts out with two drivers, Mike Marsh and Jim Loomis, but a crash
at Daytona results in Jim’s death. His girlfriend Holly McGregor arrives too late for the race and feels
guilty for not being there. A young driver, Ned Arp, joins the team and also makes a play for Kazarian’s
sister, Julie. A third driver, Dan McCall, arrives from France and brings along girlfriend Gabrielle
Queneau, but soon he develops a romantic interest in Holly. Arp is seriously hurt in a crash, losing a
hand. Mike, meanwhile, doesn’t care for Dan’s ways with women and tries to run him off the track in a
race, but Dan survives. The movie is distinguished by the appearance of a 1965 Shelby GT-350 racing
on the track, some excellent racing footage, and one of the characters drives a 1965 Cobra Daytona
Coupe as his street car. Features some excellent acting by James Caan, along with a then unknown
actor named George Takei, who would later go on to “Star Trek” fame. (color)


Speed Lovers (1968) – 82 min
The son of a mechanic idolizes Fred Lorenzen and dreams of the day that he will be a champion
on the racetrack. He gets his chance during a major stock-car competition in Atlanta. Most of
the racing scenes are assembled from color news footage of actual racing events from
1965-1967, and are of excellent quality. Lots of racing, girls in bikinis, and some painfully
wooden acting by none other than our hero, stock car champion Fred Lorenzen! (color)

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