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Hot Rod Movie Night #3


Hot Rod Movie Night #3


1-DVD (225 minutes)

“Hot Rod Movie Night : Volume 3” is the third DVD in our series featuring full length
films from the 40’s to the 70’s. In “Volume 3” we feature dragstrip themed movies!
We use dual-layer discs in order to get 3 full length movies on one DVD without
 any loss in quality, and like all our discs, they are burned in an NTSC format,
and will play on all DVD players around the world.


Ghost Of Dragstrip Hollow (1959) – 65 min
A cute, cheerful teen hot-rodder battles punks, her parents, the authorities and ghosts in the Los Angeles of
the late 1950s.  After being evicted from their clubhouse, she and her gang attempt to employ a “haunted
mansion” as a substitute.  This leads to the inevitable spooky happenings, intermixed with reckless street
racing and lots of late 50’s rock n’ roll. No drag racing, but some 50’s hot rods are shown. (b&w)


Dragstrip Riot (1958) – 68 min
Teenager Rick Martin (Gary Clarke) promises his loving mom (Fay Wray) that he won’t get into any fights
any more, certainly no fights like the one that put him in jail a few months back. But Rick can’t seem to stay
out of trouble, especially when a bunch of motorcycle punks begin harassing his drag-racing pals. During a
fracas, one of the cyclists is killed, and the cops naturally blame Rick. He has to spend the rest of the film
proving his innocence. Good footage, lots of old Corvettes, and a slice of 50’s Americana. (b&w)


Drag Racer (1971) – 92 min
The story of a young man’s quest to get into a top fuel dragster. While the story is standard, the footage is
priceless. This is not the usual hokey film created by outsiders with little knowledge of drag racing, but rather
an excellent, riveting film, especially if you’re a true fan of drag racing. Many 70’s era drag racers that went on
to be famous racers and tuners are also “stars” in this movie, including Larry Dixon, Lil John Lombardo, and
many others. We also see various California speed shop and engine builders scattered throughout the film as
our hero attempts to build a rail dragster. A great cult film for fans of vintage drag racing! (color)

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