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Formula 1 – Manufacturer Wars


F1 – Manufacturer Wars


1-DVD (149 Minutes)

A riveting 2.5 hour documentary covering the history, development,
and manufacturers of Formula 1 cars. Starting with the pre-WW1 era,
every significant Grand Prix car is covered right up to 2001. Excellent
original footage is combined with footage of restored F1 cars at
Silverstone and Monaco Historic events. Once you start on this DVD,
it’s very hard to turn off! There are no interviews or off-track footage,
this is simply a cavalcade of Grand Prix cars, year by year, manufacturer
by manufacturer, and how they fared in competition. The majority of this
DVD is from the highly sought after ‘Worlds Greatest F1 Cars’ documentary


1920’s and 1930’s
Bugatti T51
Delage GP
Alfa Romeo 8C Monza
Alfa Romeo P3
Auto Union V16
Auto Union V12
Mercedes Benz W25
Mercedes Benz W125
Mercedes Benz W154
Maserati 6C
Maserati 6CM
Maserati 8CTF
Alpha Romeo 8C
Alpha Romeo 12C
Parnell MGK3
Maserati 4CM
Maserati 6CM
Maserati 4CL
ERA Type B/D
ERA Type E

Alfa Romeo 158/159
Ferrari 125/166
Maserati 4CLT
Talbot Lago T26
Ferrari 375

Cooper Bristol
Connaught Type A
Maserati 4CLT (F2000)
Maserati A6GCM
Ferrari 166
Ferrari 500
Ferrari 625
Maserati 250F
Mercedes Benz W196 Streamliner
Mercedes Benz W196 Open Wheel
Ferrari 555
Lancia D50
Ferrari 801
Maserati 250F
Connaught Type B
Connaught Type C
Aston Martin DBR4
Scarab Offenhauser
Tec Mec Maserati
Lotus 16 Climax
Ferrari Dino 246
Cooper T40 Bristol

Cooper T43 Bristol
Cooper T45 Bristol
Cooper T51 Bristol
Cooper T53 Bristol

Lotus 18 Climax
Ferrari 156
BRM P261 V8
Ferrari 158
Lotus 25 Climax
Lotus 33 Climax
Brabham Repco
Lotus 49 Ford
Matra Ford

Lotus 72 Ford
March 701 Ford
Tyrrell 003 Ford
Ferrari 312
McLaren M23 Ford
McLaren M26 Ford
Lotus 77 Ford
Lotus 79 Ford
Tyrrell P34 (six-wheeler)
Tyrrell 008
Tyrrell 009

Lotus 87 Ford
Lotus 91 Ford
Lotus 92 Ford
McLaren M29 Ford
McLaren MP4 Ford
Williams FW06 Ford
Williams FW07 Ford
Williams FW08 Ford
Brabham BT49 Ford
Tyrrell 012 Ford
Tyrrell 012-6
Renault RS10 Turbo
Lotus 98T Renault
Ferrari 126C Turbo
McLaren MP4 Tag Porsche
Williams Honda Turbo

McLaren MP4/5 Honda
McLaren MP4/8 Ford
McLaren MP4/10 Mercedes Benz
McLaren MP4/13 Mercedes Benz
Williams Renault
Williams BMW
Benetton Renault
Ferrari 412

Incorporated into this documentary are some wonderful clips
pertaining to the most important Grand Prix cars in history.


  • Rare 1962 color film of Hermann Lang taking the legendary 1937 Mercedes W125 around Nurburgring.
  • Rare b&w film of Juan Fangio driving the Maserati 250F.
  • Martin Brundle drives a Lotus 49 at Silverstone.
  • Martin Brundle drives a 1974 McLaren M23 at Silverstone.
  • In-car footage of Mario Andretti and the Lotus 79 at Anderstorp Sweden.