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Ford : 1963-1969 – Total Performance


Ford Promo Films : 1963-1969

Total Performance



1-DVD (128 minutes)

Ford’s “Total Performance” marketing campaign was in full swing in the
1960’s. From the NASCAR tracks to the Indy 500, from the street to the
drag strip, these original films are sure to please any Ford enthusiast!


1963 Ford Total Performance (b&w – 10 min)
This is a 35mm b&w slide show presentation (converted here to film) showcasing Ford’s 1963 success on the
NASCAR tracks. This original slide show is complete with the “beeps” to signal the projectionist to advance to the
next slide, and of course, it is narrated. The focus is really on Dan Gurney’s win at Riverside in 1963, the first road race held for
NASCAR, and the narrator announces with pride that Gurney’s Ford trounced the Chevrolets and the Mopars. – Condition (VG+)


1963 Ford Total Performance Film (color – 25 min)
A great color film showcasing Ford’s involvement on the NASCAR tracks, as well their success at the Indy 500.
They also describe how their racing efforts bring a better product into the Ford showroom. – Condition (VG+ to Excellent)


1964 Ford Styling And The Experimental Car (color – 17 min)
This film shows styling cues and innovations that Ford focused on in the 1963-1964 period. Concept cars include the Allegro,
Cougar II, and the Aurora. It’s fascinating to see how advanced Ford styling and engineering was back in 1964, with ideas that
would not see production for decades. Adjustable brake and accelerator pedals, a “memory” recall for the steering wheel,
even a GPS System! Also shows the end result of their great styling efforts; the new 1964 Mustang. – Condition (VG+ to Excellent)


1964 Ford Total Performance Promotional Film (color – 3 min)
A short promo film focusing on Ford’s NASCAR involvement, and how racing translates into better production vehicles.
Some excellent footage of a cutaway version of the Ford 427 engine, showing the crankshaft, pistons, etc. – Condition (Excellent)


1965 Shelby Promotional Film (color – 8 min)
Titled “Shelby Goes Racing With Ford”, this promotional film is hosted by Carroll Shelby himself. A quick
tour of his factory showing some Cobras, GT-40’s, and Mustangs in various stages of assembly, and then some
footage of the Cobras in action at Daytona and Lemans. – Condition (VG+ to Excellent)


1965 Ford Total Performance TV Commercial (color – 90 sec)
An original “Total Performance” TV commercial. – Condition (VG+ to Excellent)


1967 Ford Team Lotus (color – 25 min)
A fantastic 25 minute documentary showing Ford’s successful Grand Prix effort. Top notch cinematography,
and a treasure trove of phenomenal footage for any fan of vintage Grand Prix racing! – Condition (VG+ to Excellent)


1963-1969 Ford Performance – Promotional Films and TV Commercials (color – 35 min)
Original Ford and Mercury promotional films (and TV commercials) for high performance cars,
including Shelby, Torino, Mustang, Cyclone, Cougar, etc. – Condition (VG+ to Excellent)

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