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Ford : 1963-1969 – Blue Oval Dominance


Ford Promo Films : 1963-1969

Blue Oval Dominance



1-DVD (131 minutes)

Ford was everywhere in the 1960’s, from Indy to NHRA, from
NASCAR to Off-Road, from LeMans France to the streets of
America, Ford’s ‘Total Performance’ advertising campaign
stressed racing, and winning! This DVD is a great companion
to our previous DVD “Ford Total Performance”, and here we
have more original films (not contemporary flashbacks) showing
the winning ways of the Ford Motor Company in the 1960’s.


1964 Ford Promotional Film – “1320 Feet” (color – 20 min)
An excellent Ford-produced film showcasing their success at the 1964 NHRA Winternationals,
1964 Indy Nationals (some great footage of Thunderbolts in action), and some drag racing footage
from the 1964 British Drag Festival, the first time American drag cars were seen by British fans,
and the first time American drag racers saw British drag racers in action!  – Condition (Excellent)


1963 Daytona 500 highlight reel (color – 6 min)
Footage from the 1963 Daytona 500, where Ford’s finished 1-2-3! Tiny Lund wins the race, and following the race,
there’s a short black & white promo film featuring Tiny promoting the new Ford Galaxie. – Condition (VG+)


1968 Ford Promotional Film – “No Margin For Error” (color – 30 min)
A long, excellent film highlighting Ford’s success in various forms of racing, produced by Ford’s Autolite (Parts) Division.
An underlying theme of these highlights is the durability and reliability of Ford’s racing program, and of course their automotive
parts. Highlights include footage from NASCAR, Indy 500, Off-Road Stardust 7-11, and the 24 Hours Of Daytona. Also includes
the 2-minute promo for the new 1968 Fords, sung by the famed swingin’ Ford pop group. – Condition (Excellent)


1965 Ford Promotional Film – “Race On Sunday, Sell On Monday” (color – 8 min)
A short promo film to help Ford salesmen understand the relationship between Ford’s Total Performance
campaign and selling high-performance on their showroom floors. – Condition (Excellent)


1965 Ford Promotional Film – Preparing a NASCAR Winner (color – 18 min)
Featuring the legendary Ned Jarrett, who dominated the NASCAR circuit in 1965, we see what goes into preparing
a NASCAR winning race car, as well as seeing how Ned conducts seminars, etc. Ned Jarrett was truly one of the greatest
racers of all time, exhibiting style and class, which carried him into the broadcast booth later in his career. – Condition (VG+)


1968 Ford Promotional Film – Las Vegas Stardust 7-11 Off-Road Race (color – 4 min)
Some of the footage of NORRA (National Off Road Racing Association) was used in the above
‘No Margin For Error’ film, but this reel is longer, and has a different narrator. – Condition (VG+)


Ford’s 1969 NASCAR Season (color – 6 min)
A highlight reel showing Ford’s successful 1969 NASCAR season, featuring Yarborough, Pearson, and their newest
acquisition, Richard Petty. Ford was thrilled to pry the already legendary Richard Petty away from Chrysler for the
1969 season, and they placed him in a well-funded Ford Torino. While Petty’s stint with Ford was short-lived,
Ford was anxious to let everyone know “The King” was now on Ford’s team. – Condition (VG+)


1969 24 Hours Of Le Mans Race (color – 36 min)
This film was produced by Castrol Oil, but is significant in that this was the last time the fabulous
Ford GT40’s would run at Le Mans (GT40’s took 1st and 3rd). There’s also a great 1-lap circuit
of the Le Mans track on-board with a GT40. –  Condition (VG+)