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Ford : 1953-1956


Ford Promo Films : 1953-1956


1-DVD (113 minutes)

1953 Ford Promotional Film – Product Planning (16 min)
An excellent promotional film showing the marketing and product
planning life cycle used by the Ford Motor Company in 1953. (color)


1953 Ford Promotional Film – 50th Anniversary (3 min)
A short color films showing some of the vehicle
preparations for the 50th Anniversary of Ford. (color)


1953 Ford TV Commercials (11 min)
10 classic TV commercials for the new 1953 Ford cars and trucks. (b&w)


1954 Ford Promotional Film – Rotunda and Rouge Plants Tours (9 min)
A fantastic color film, here we visit the Ford Rotunda (pictured above) , a huge concrete
structure showcasing Ford’s dedication to the automotive industry. In the second half of
the film, we visit the Rouge Plant to see how Fords are assembled. (color)


1954 Ford TV Commercials (18 min)
17 classic TV commercials for the new 1954 Ford cars and trucks. (b&w)


1955 Ford Promotional Film – The Ford People (11 min)
Another great color promotional film from Ford, this one focuses on the
people that design and build Fords. Some great footage of the design
studio, clay models, test track, assembly, etc. (color)


1955 Ford TV Commercials (8 min)
8 classic TV commercials for the new 1955 Ford cars and trucks. (color and b&w)


1956 Ford TV Commercials (26 min)
21 classic TV commercials for the new 1956 Ford cars and trucks. (b&w)


1956 Ford Promotional Films – Fords at Daytona Beach (6 min)
2 color promotional films showcasing Ford racing success at Daytona Beach in
1956. Running on the famous beach sand, we see rare COLOR highlights of a
NASCAR hardtop race and a NASCAR convertible race. (color)


1956 Ford Promotional Film – Stunt Driving Fords (3 min)
Color promotional film showing the toughness of the new
1956 Fords as used in a stunt show. (color)

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