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Ford : 1938-1951


Ford Promo Films : 1938-1951


1-DVD (102 minutes)

1938 Ford Promotional Film – “Harvest Of The Years” (22 min)
An excellent pre-WW2 film produced by the Ford Motor Company. The theme of this
film is the new model year was like harvesting crops, something that happens every
year. Great footage showing some assembly manufacturing processes. (b&w)


1940 Ford Promotional Film – “Keep This Under Your Hood” (4 min)
A bizarre little film, with a talking valve, a song and dance piston, and all sorts of engine parts in
unison extolling the virtues of the Ford engine. Transitions to real footage of a Ford Auto
Department and Ford Service Department. Amazingly clear color footage from an era just before
Ford would turn its attention to making planes and other items for our troops in WW2. (color)


1943 Ford Promotional Film – “In The Service Of America” (8 min)
This film is dedicated to showing how Ford is helping with the war effort,
and also includes some film of the assembly line. This film is NOT
complete, only the first reel has been found. (b&w)


1949 Ford Promotional Film – “The Human Bridge” (12 min)
Another great color film from Ford, this was the time period when all the American
auto manufacturers lunged full force into selling cars once again after the ravages
of WWII stagnated any significant design changes since before the war. Design
Studio footage as well as test track and assembly line clips. (color)


1950 Ford Promotional Film – “Triumph On The Track” (1 min)
Showcasing new 1950 Fords on the test track. (color)


1950 Ford Promotional Film – “Ford Overdrive” (6 min)
The new Ford Overdrive garnered its own promotional film. (color)


1950 Ford Promotional Film – Helping America (20 min)
Not the actual name of this promotional film, but the theme is that buying a new car doesn’t
just help Ford Motor Company’s bottom line, but it helps all of America. (color)


1950 Ford Promotional Film – “Parking The Car” (8 min)
Basically a Driver’s Ed film, but produced by Ford. This film focuses
on a girl parallel parking a new 1950 Ford. (b&w)


1951 Ford TV Commercials (6 min)
3 b&w commercials for the new 1951 Fords.(b&w)


1951 Ford Promotional Film – “Care Of The Car” (12 min)
A nice Ford promotional film educating people how to take care
of your car, including car washes, maintenance, etc. Includes
some Ford dealer Service Department footage. (b&w)


NOTE : Some of the 1950-1951 films have a slight audio problem where
a skip (or blip) occurs about every 30 seconds. The films are in otherwise
excellent condition, especially considering they are over 70 years old!