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Ford : 1933-1941


Ford Promo Films : 1933-1941


1-DVD (126 minutes)

1933 Ford Promotional Film – “Rhapsody In Steel” (22 min)
One of the many excellent Ford promotional films that combined animation with
live action. Fascinating footage of the assembly line, coupled with various
animated characters dancing about the vehicles. Very entertaining! (b&w)


1933-1934 Ford Promotional Film : “At The World’s Fair” (25 min)
The 1933-1934 World’s Fair was held in Chicago, and Ford pulled out all the stops to wow
the spectators with their new V-8 and cutting edge technology. The first portion of this lengthy
film covers the overall fair, which was spectacular in itself, then transitions into Ford’s various
vendors (Champion, Timken, etc), and finally Ford’s gigantic display. (b&w)


1935 Ford Promotional Film – “The Honeymoon V-8 : One Of A Million” (20 min)
Take a trip with a couple honeymooners setting out across the country in their new Ford V-8,
accompanied by Ford’s little animated mascot that extols the virtues of the new 1935 Ford. (b&w)


1936 Lincoln Zephyr Promotional Film – “Streamlines Make Headlines” (17 min)
A man sees a new car traveling at great speed, and convinces the pilot of a nearby biplane to give him a
ride so he can see where this sleek new vehicle is going. While flying overhead, they’re amazed at the
high speed of the car. Eventually they catch up, and of course land right next it. The owner of the car
tells him all about the new Lincoln Zephyr, gives the  man a ride, and they talk about the quietness,
power, and handling. Very corny dialogue, but great footage, and a nice promotional film! (b&w)


1937 Ford Promotional Film – “Holiday Time” (4 min)
A strange promotional film from Great Britain showcasing the new 1937 Ford.
Different holidays are shown, from different years, showing various early
Fords, ending with of course the new 1937 Ford 10. (b&w)


1939 Ford Promotional Films  (6 min)
Five short promo films, all in vivid Technicolor, covering the various
features of the new 1939 Fords. Films are titled “Smoothness”,
“New Quiet”, “Style”, “New Power”, and “Safety”. (color)


1940 Ford Promotional Film – Symphony in ‘F’  (17 min)
A tremendously ambitious promotional film, combining stop-action
figurines, miniature modeling, and live action to celebrate the 28
millionth Ford produced, all in vivid technicolor. (color)


1940 Ford Promotional Film – “While The City Sleeps”  (10 min)
A rare film describing how Ford Trucks help deliver products,
build America, and keep a city moving. (b&w)


1941 Ford Promotional Film  (3 min)
One of last Ford Promotional Films before production switched to military
vehicles and planes for WWII, this short film covers the 1941 Ford, and with war
being imminent, and new car production soon to be shut down for years, Ford
makes a pitch for how great a used Ford would be! (b&w)