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Chrysler Service Tech Filmstrips : 1972


Chrysler Service Training  : 1972


2-DVD’s (253 minutes)

1972 Chrysler Service Tech
35mm Slide Presentations


Chrysler Master Technician Filmstrips are original 35mm slide
presentations for use by Chrysler Service Technicians.
There are no moving images on these DVD’s. The animation,
tech drawings, and photography are excellent. Whether you’re
a skilled mechanic, a backyard tuner, or simply want to know
how some of the various devices work on your old Mopar, these
vintage presentations are very entertaining and informative.
The original sound for these filmstrips were from vinyl records,
so there are some pops and clicks heard. Overall quality is excellent.


12 segments, each approx. 20 minutes long,
pertaining to service instructions and various
technical features of 1972 Chryslers. Lots of
great tech info on the Thermo-Quad carb.


1. ’72 Thermo-Quad Carburetor
2. Engine Performance Facts and Fixes
3. Ignition Systems for ’72
4. Disc Brake Service Roundup
5. 1972 Seat Belt Warning System
6. 1972 Air-Conditioning Systems
7. Roadability and Handling
8. Sold On Safety
9. Speed Control & Concealed Headlights
10. Cricket and Colt Carburetors
11. Electrical – Door, Tailgate Locks, Windows
12. Today’s Tires Facts and Fixes


Credit for these great filmstrips goes to the Chrysler Imperial Club!