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Chevrolet Promo Films : 1961-1972


Chevrolet Promo Films : 1961-1972


1-DVD (134 minutes)

Another great compilation of original Chevrolet Promotional Films and TV
commercials from the 1961-1972 era! This DVD contains over 2 hours of
rare films. The TV Commercials range from 30 seconds to 2 minutes in
length, while the Promotional Film lengths are noted below.


1961 Corvair 700 – TV Commercial (b&w)

1961 Chevrolet – TV Commercial (color)

1961 Chevrolet – TV Commercial (color)
A color commercial with Dinah Shore at the Detroit
Auto Show, showing various new 1961 Chevrolets.


1962 Chevrolets – Promotional Film (color) – 36 min
A rare promotional film with some sports greats, such as Green Bay Packer Paul Hornung,
Major League Baseball legend Dizzy Dean, NHL’s great Gordie Howe, and Indy 500
winner A.J. Foyt. Along with these great names are December 1961’s Playboy Playmate
Lynn Karroll, American Bandleader Al Hirt, and actress Vivian Blaine.


1962 Chevrolet – TV Commercial (b&w)
For Chevrolet’s “OK” Used Cars.


1962 Chevrolet Trucks – TV Commercial (b&w)

1962 Chevrolet – TV Commercial (color)
Showing the new Impala in the shadows, keeping you in suspense,
until we finally see the beautiful new 1962 model.


1964 Chevrolet – TV Commercial (color)
A nice 2-minute commercial showing all the new 1964 models.


1964 Chevrolet – TV Commercial (color)
A famous Chevrolet ad, showing a 1964 Impala convertible
perched precariously on top of a rock formation.


1965 Chevrolet – TV Commercial (b&w)

1965 Corvair – TV Commercial (color) – 33 min
Another long, 2-minute color commercial, this time for the Corvair.


1966 Chevrolet Promotional Film – “Impact ’66” (color) – 23 min
Excellent, clear footage with 1966 Chevrolets being put their paces at a
desert proving ground, running head-to-head with Plymouths and Fords.


1967 Camaro – Promotional Film (color) – 19 min
The first promotional film for the all-new 1967 Camaro.
NOTE : This film has recently been updated to a superior quality version.


1967 Caprice – TV Commercial (color)

1967 Camaro – TV Commercial #1 (color)

1967 Camaro – TV Commercial #2 (color)

1968 Camaro RS/SS – TV Commercial (color)

1968 Nova II – TV Commercial (color)

1968 Nova SS – TV Commercial (color)


1968 Corvette – Promotional Film (color)
No commentary, just swinging 60’s music as we see a new blue
1968 Corvette driving around one of the GM Proving Grounds.


1969 Corvair – News Segment (b&w)
A rare clip from the evening news showing the last Corvair being built.


1969 Caprice – TV Commercial (color)

1969 Chevrolets – TV Commercial (color)
Showing the new 1969 lineup.


1969 Camaro RS – TV Commercial (color)

1969 Chevelle SS – TV Commercial (color)

1970 Monte Carlo – TV Commercial (color)

1970 Blazer – TV Commercial (b&w)
With “Tonto” of Lone Ranger fame.


1970 Caprice – TV Commercial (b&w)

1970 Camaro – TV Commercial (b&w)

1970 Nova and Chevelle – TV Commercial (color)

1970 Chevelle SS396 – TV Commercial (color)

1970 Nova – TV Commercial (color)
With O.J. Simpson, back when he was
known simply as a great running back.


1971 Chevy Pickup – TV Commercial (color)

1971 Caprice – TV Commercial (color)

1972 Chevelle – TV Commercial (color)

1970-1972 “Let’s Make A Deal segments” (color) – 13 min
Various 1970-1972 Chevrolets given away on the old TV
game show “Let’s Make A Deal”. Very entertaining!