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Chevrolet Promo Films – 1958-1964


Chevrolet Promo Films : 1958-1964


1-DVD (127 minutes)

Another great compilation of original Chevrolet promotional films and TV commercials
from the 1958-1964 era! This DVD contains over 2 hours of rare films from an era
when Chevrolet was the car to own in America, and radical styling changes from one
year to the next were common. The TV Commercials range from 30 seconds to 2
minutes in length, while the length of the promotional films are noted below.


1958 Chevrolet Promotional Film (b&w) – 9 min
Taken from the Pat Boone Show, here we see our first glimpse of the totally new
1958 Chevrolet, a radical styling departure from the previous 1957 model.


1958 Chevrolet Promotional Film – “Operation Rooftop” (b&w) – 9 min
The new 1958 Chevrolets are taken to treacherous
Andes Mountains to demonstrate how tough and reliable they are.


1959 Chevrolet TV Commercial (b&w)
Song and dance routine with Dinah Shore announcing that the new
1959 Chevrolets will arrive in showrooms October 16th.


1959 Chevrolet TV Commercial (b&w)
This commercial demonstrates how much fun it is for a family (especially the kids)
to go to a Chevrolet dealer and buy a new station wagon.


1959 Chevrolet Promotional Film (color) – 11 min
A spectacular Technicolor film originally used as a movie preview
showing how designers and stylists created the new 1959 Chevrolet.


1960 Corvair Promotional Film – “Corvair In Action!” (color) – 6 min
Great promotional film showing the reliability and toughness of Chevrolet’s new Corvair.


1960 Chevrolet TV Commercial (b&w)
Hurry in for Chevrolet’s “Last Chance” sale,
a great opportunity to buy a new 1960 Chevrolet.


1961 Chevrolet TV Commercial #1 (b&w)
TV commercial used during the TV show “Route 66”.


1961 Chevrolet TV Commercial #2 (b&w)
Showing a new 1961 Impala convertible.


1962 Chevrolet Promotional Film – “Duel In The Desert” (b&w) – 34 min
A lengthy promotional film pitting Chevrolets against all their competitors! The theme
of this film is a “shootout”, and Chevrolet fires away with head-to-head battles
against Plymouth, Dodge, AMC, and Ford. From braking to acceleration tests,
Chevrolet proves that they have the power to defeat all the competition.
Warning, this is NOT a film you want to watch with Ford, Mopar, or AMC fans!


1962 Chevrolet Promotional Film (color) – 2 min
An excerpt from an original promotional film showing excellent,
clear color footage of various Chevrolets performing stunts.


1963 Chevrolet Promotional Film – “Decision At Daytona” (b&w) – 33 min
Another excellent promotional film, similar to the earlier 1962 film “Duel In The Desert”.
Again we have Chevrolets pitted against all their competitors, and soundly beating
them in every category, including 1/4 mile, braking, etc. And like the previous
1962 promotional film, this is not something you want to watch with a Mopar or Ford fan!


1963 Corvette Promotional Film (color) – 7 min
A wonderful color film showing the all-new 1963 Corvette at the GM Proving Grounds.


1964 Chevrolet TV Commercial #1 (color)
The memorable ad, showing a new 1964 Chevrolet on top of a rock
formation in the famous Monument Valley region of the Colorado Plateau.


1964 Chevrolet TV Commercial #2 (color)