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Chevrolet Promo Films – 1952-1957


Chevrolet Promo Films : 1952-1957


2-DVD’s (223 minutes)

Chevrolet Promo Films and TV Commercials : 1952-1957
The Tri-Five Years And More!


A huge 2-DVD collection, over 3.5 hours of rare, vintage Chevrolet
promotional films and TV commercials from the 1952-1957 era.
The TV Commercials range from 30 seconds to 2 minutes in length,
while the length of the promotional films are noted below.


1952 Chevrolet TV Commercial (b&w)
Featuring Dinah Shore and the famous Chevrolet jingle “See The USA In Your Chevrolet”


1952 Chevrolet Promotional Film – “The Magic Touch” (b&w) – 9 min
Great promo for the 1952 Chevrolet, and some great shots of the chassis.


1953 Chevrolet Promotional Film – “A Great New Star” (b&w) – 12 min
Another promotional film featuring Dinah Shore,
and the new star is the new 1953 Chevrolet.


1953 Corvette TV Commercial (b&w)
Introduction of the 1953 Corvette, America’s New Sports Car.


1955 Chevrolet Promotional Film – “Great News” (b&w) – 9 min 30 sec
The all-new 1955 Chevrolets debuted with this promotional film, showing all the
innovative and advanced features of the new Chevrolets.


1955 Chevrolet TV Commercial #1 (b&w)
TV Commercial titled “The Engines”, and the new 1955 powerplants are the stars.


1955 Chevrolet Promotional Film – “Boxes And Balls” (b&w) – 10 min
Fascinating promotional film describing how the new 1955 Chevrolets are built
better, using a style of film making usually seen in education films of the day.


1955 Chevrolet TV Commercial #2 (b&w)
Standard TV commercial featuring several new 1955’s, and of course
the classic Chevrolet theme song leading the way.


1955 Chevrolet Promotional Film – “One Step Further” (b&w) – 9 min
All sorts of odd demonstrations are seen in this film describing the virtues of the
1955 Chevrolets, from rugged off-road excursions, to pulling a water skier behind a
Chevrolet as the car is splashing through the shoreline of a beach, even a female tennis
player driving with her feet to show how easy a new 1955 Chevrolet is to maneuver.


1955 Chevrolet TV Commercial #3 (b&w)
TV Commercial using the theme “Big Value”.


1955 Chevrolet Promotional Film – “Torque Talk” (b&w) – 10 min
A great promotional film demonstrating how the new 1955 Chevrolet
outperforms their closest competitors; Ford and Plymouth.


1955 Chevrolet TV Commercial #4 (b&w)
Titled “Step Right In”, this commercial is done in first person,
so it appears you’re driving a new Chevrolet.


1955 Chevrolet Promotional Film – “It’s Been There Before” (b&w) – 9 min
The toughness of the new 1955 Chevrolet Trucks is featured.


1955 Chevrolet Motorama Promotional Films (color) – 9 min
Several 1955 Chevrolet short promotional films, all in vivid Technicolor,
presumably used as a backdrop for the GM Motorama or similar auto show.


1955 Chevrolet Promotional Film – “American Harvest” (color) – 30 min
A tremendous promotional film, used as a movie trailer in 1955, covers how we harvest raw
materials in order to build 1955 Chevrolets. The first 10 minutes aren’t too fascinating from
an automotive standpoint, but the last part is well worth the wait. This beautiful Technicolor
film shows some of the production processes involved in building the 1955 Chevrolets.


1956 Chevrolet TV Commercial #1 (b&w)
Partially animated commercial for the new 1956 Chevrolet.


1956 Chevrolet Promotional Film – “Thrill Driver’s Choice” (b&w) – 9 min
A great promotional film with the famous Joie Chitwood Stunt Team
putting their new 1956 Chevrolets through their paces.


1956 Chevrolet Trucks TV Commercial (b&w)
TV commercial for the new 1956 Chevrolet trucks
featuring the theme “Champs In Every Class”.


1956 Chevrolet Promotional Film – “The Big Winner” (b&w) – 10 min
Another great Chevrolet promotional film showing the new
1956 Chevrolets at Daytona Beach for time trials as well
their success on the NASCAR circuit.


1956 Chevrolet TV Commercial #2 (b&w)
Showcasing the safety and security of owning a new 1956 Chevrolet.


1956 Chevrolet Promotional Film – “Colorado Climax” (b&w) – 8 min
Some great footage of 1956 Chevrolets in the Pikes Peak Hill Climb competition,
and how their success translates to the factory production models.


1956 Chevrolet TV Commercial #3 (b&w)
TV commercial that uses excerpts from previous promotional films.


1956 Chevrolet Promotional Film – “Proof Of The Pluses” (b&w) – 11 min
Shows the features and advances of the new 1956 Chevrolet, and then a
side-by-side comparison with a Ford. From creature comforts to performance,
the new 1956 Chevrolet has the Ford beat!


1956 Chevrolet Promotional Film Excerpt – “American Engineer” (color) – 13 min
A spectacular, beautifully filmed promotional film shot in vivid Technicolor, showing the
manufacturing of the new 1956 Chevrolet. This is an excerpt from the original film, and the
footage that was non-automotive related has been omitted. Some of the finest color material
available on the 1956 Chevrolet.


1956 Chevrolet TV Commercial #4 (b&w)
Rare commercial showing the 9-passenger Bel Air Beauville.


1957 Chevrolet TV Commercial #1 (b&w)


1957 Chevrolet TV Commercial #2 (b&w)


1957 Chevrolet TV Commercial #3 (b&w)
Touted as the “Official Auto Decathlon Champion”, this commercial touts the
tight turning radius and nimbleness of the new 1957 Chevrolet.


1957 Chevrolet Promotional Film – “Safety Built In” (b&w) – 7 min
Chevrolet created this promotional film showcasing all
the safety features of their new 1957 Chevrolet.


1957 Chevrolet TV Commercial #4 (b&w)
A birthday party for mom ends with a great gift; a new 1957 Chevrolet in the driveway!


1957 Chevrolet Promotional Film – “Jet Ace” (b&w) – 10 min
A lengthy Chevrolet promotional film showing how their new fuel injection works.


1955-1957 Chevrolet – “American Musclecar” (color) – 23 min
The only non-original segment on this DVD set, this 23-minute show (originally
broadcast on SpeedVision) is from the “American Musclecar” series.
This installment traces the design and popularity of the Tri-Five Chevy era.

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