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Chevrolet Promo Films – 1933-1941


Chevrolet Promo Films – 1933-1941


2-DVD’s (283 minutes)


A huge 2-DVD compilation, over 4.5 hrs, of vintage Chevrolet Promotional Films!
The deep economic depression that America was in didn’t stop the Detroit
automakers from continuing to advance technology, and the 1930’s introduced a
whole host of new features from Chevrolet. Very entertaining films!


1933 – Triumph Of America (b&w) – 21 min
Excellent footage of the 1933 Chevrolet assembly line process.


1934 – Facts Or Friction (b&w) – 9 min
Combining real footage along with animation to show how
the new 1934 Chevrolet braking system operates.


1935 – Spring Harmony (b&w) – 9 min
The development of the leaf spring suspension system on Chevrolets.


1935 – The Safest Place (b&w) – 6 min
Explaining how the new steel roof protects the occupants of a new Chevrolet.


1935 – Down The Gasoline Trail (b&w) – 8 min
A bizarre little film, following a drop of gasoline (animated) from the fuel tank
through to the combustion chamber. Very entertaining!


1936 – Water Boy (b&w) – 12 min
Another excellent educational film, showing how the cooling system works
in a new 1936 Chevrolet, using cutaway models.


1936 – Hydraulics (b&w) – 7 min
How a hydraulic braking system operates on the new Chevrolet.


1936 – It Floats (b&w) – 6 min
Another excellent film describing the rear axle operation, using cutaway models.


1936 – It’s The Top (b&w) – 10 min
Another film about the steel top used on Chevrolets, comparing the
structure to that of a turret on a Navy battleship.


1936 – Master Hands (b&w) – 27 min
Another incredible film showing the manufacturing process and assembly line at Chevrolet.
There is no narration on this one, just vintage, dramatic music to accompany the film.


1936 – Spinning Levers (b&w) – 10 min
Another great promotional film describing how the gears of the transmission operate.


1936 – Streamlines (b&w) – 7 min
Aerodynamics, 1936 style! But some fantastic footage showing how air travels around various shapes.


1937 – Around The Corner (b&w) – 9 min
Another great film demonstrating how the differential works.


1937 – Conquering Roads (b&w) – 9 min
A Chevrolet produced film on how new concrete roads are revolutionizing America.


1937 – From Dawn To Sunset (b&w) – 25 min
Another great film about the Chevrolet assembly line and manufacturing process.
Just amazing footage of how a U.S. auto manufacturer operated, as well as how
Chevrolet helps supply the daily needs of Americans.


1937 – Helping You Sell (b&w) – 9 min
A film designed for the Chevrolet Salesmen force, this is
a fascinating look at the marketing tactics used in 1937.


1937 – Hold Everything (b&w) – 14 min
Another great film for the Chevrolet Salesmen, describing how
Chevrolet is planning to advertise throughout the year.


1937 – Riding The Film (b&w) – 11 min
How the thin film of oil on bearings and other surfaces protects your new Chevrolet.


1938 – Over The Waves (b&w) – 9 min
Chevrolet suspension and ride quality are the focus here.


1939 – Here’s Looking (b&w) – 9 min
The new, clear windshields and marvelous visibility of the new Chevrolet.


1939 – The Hot-Head (b&w) – 4 min
Chevrolet produced film about carbon monoxide.


1940 – The Nation’s Power (b&w) – 8 min
Chevrolet engines and the various powerful engines around the world.


1940 – Leave It Roll-Oh (b&w) – 9 min
One of those classic, somewhat creepy 1930’s era films showing how a robot may do all of our
work for us someday. In this case, the many automated features of a new Chevrolet are focused upon.


1940 – Easy Does It (b&w) – 11 min
The new vacuum assisted gear selector is featured, showing
how easy life could be without having to grind gears.


1940 – Vacuum Control (b&w) – 11 min
Similar to the film above, the new vacuum-controlled

gear shift was a major improvement.


1940 – The Trip (color) – 1 min
A short color film promoting the new 1940 Chevrolet.


1941 – Drawing Account (b&w) – 9 min
A marvelous film showing how animation is blended into Chevrolet promotional films.