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1965-1974 : Can-Am Saga


Can-Am Saga : 1965-1974


1-DVD (108 minutes)

The Can-Am Series ran from 1966-1974 and captured the hearts of racing fans all over the
world. Unrestricted engine size, innovative ground effects technology, movable wings, spoilers,
even artificially created ground effects using vacuum, all combined to generate incredible
speeds in some of the most beautifully designed cars to ever grace a race track.
The legendary McLarens and Chaparrals are all here, and all original vintage footage.


This DVD contains the majority of the excellent documentary called “The Speed Odyssey”. Nearly every
significant moment in Can-Am is covered here, starting with the 1965 LA Times Grand Prix right up to the end of
1973 Can-Am Season. The quality is absolutely superb, the sound is excellent, the footage is extraordinary. Also
included are 3 highlight reels from the 1971-1972 European Interserie Series, with narration in German. These 3
reels are included here because there were several McLarens and other Can-Am cars in the pack, running
alongside stock-bodied Porsche 911’s and other sports cars. Quality of the Interserie footage is also excellent.

Great footage of the incredible 1973 Porsche 917/30 (photo below), including a short segment on the
Penske-prepared 1972-1974 Porsche 917/10 and 917/30 models, and a great segment on the Porsche 917/30
using a restored car. Driven by Mark Donahue in 1973, the beautiful Navy blue and yellow Sunoco-sponsored
Porsche 917/30 was nicknamed the Turbo Panzer, and easily outclassed the entire field putting down a 300-500
more horsepower than its’ nearest competitor. The 917/10 and 917/30 won every race of the 1973 season
(Donahue won 6 of 8 in the 917/30). New rules for 1974 forced Porsche to abandon Can-Am Racing, but Penske
and Donahue wanted to prove just how fast the 917/30 was with the boost turned all the way up. At the
high-banked NASCAR track in Talladega Alabama, Donahue’s 917/30 set a closed course average speed
record of 221.16 mph, a mark that would stand for 11 years.

1965 SCCA Season
1966 Can-Am Season
1967 Can-Am Season
1968 Can-Am Season
1969 Can-Am Season
1970 Can-Am Season
1971 Can-Am Season
1971 Interserie – Hockenheim
1971 Interserie – Imola
1972 Can-Am Season
1972 Interserie – Nurburgring
1973 Can-Am Season
1974 Porsche 917/30