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Buick – 1954 Salesman Training Films


Buick – 1954 Sales Training Filmstrips


1-DVD (112 minutes)

1954 Buick – 35mm Salesman Training Filmstrips


Five rare 1954 Buick Salesman Training Filmstrips from the Jam Handy Production company. These
were originally 35mm slide presentations, accompanied by a record with narration, and the occasional
“beep” is heard instructing the projectionist to move to the next slide. These filmstrips are not only a
must for 1954 Buick owners, but are also entertaining for automotive fans in that you can see how these
cars were marketed, how they were prepped for delivery, and how Buick compared to their competition.


1954 Buick Salesman Training Filmstrip
“The Beautiful Buy” – (23 min) – color

1954 Buick Salesman Training Filmstrip
“The Beautiful Buy Over Packard” – (16 min) – b&w

1954 Buick Salesman Training Filmstrip
“Selling the Buick Special Over The Low-Priced Field” – (21 min) – b&w

1954 Buick Service Department Training Filmstrip
“The Why And How Of New Car Make-Ready” – (30 min) – b&w

1954 Buick Salesman Training Filmstrip
“How To Deliver A New Buick” – (20 min) – b&w


Note : Buick Salesman Training Filmstrips are original 35mm slide presentations (converted to film) that were designed to
train the sales force at a Buick dealership. There are no moving images within these presentations, it’s simply one slide at
a time, complete with narration, as well as the “beep” heard every few seconds to signal the slide projectionist to advance
to the next slide. These old slide presentations offer a fascinating look at how Buick sold their vehicles, their awareness
of their competitors, and what they considered their strongest selling points.

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