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American Road Racing : 1955-1965


American Road Racing : 1955-1965


1-DVD (130 minutes)

1955 Nassau Trophy Race (b&w – 6 min)
Rare footage of the 1955 Nassau Bahamas race on the Windsor track, an ex-WWII airstrip. This was a
210-mile event that drew a couple big names, like Stirling Moss and Phil Hill. American racer Phil Hill
would capture the victory within a field consisting almost entirely of European sports cars (mostly
Ferrari, Maserati, Porsche, Jaguar).  Quality : Very Good


1958 Road America 500  (color – 28 min)
Tremendous footage from Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin. This is a great film describing what road racing was
about back then (1958), and we get an in-car lap around the circuit, and lots of great footage of various
Alfa-Romeo and Porsche race cars in the pits and on track.
Quality : This was originally converted at the incorrect framing rate,
so the film has a stutter to it, but otherwise quality is Very Good.


1962 Scarab at Riverside  (color – 20 min)
Titled “The Sound Of Speed”, this is a very unusual film featuring the Scarab, an American built
front-engined car designed to compete in Formula 1. The Scarab debuted in 1960 and was one of the last
front-engined cars designed for Formula 1. It was not a success. By 1961, the F1 rules changed, and the
Scarab’s engine was no longer legal. In 1962, a V8 engine was installed, and this movie was created. The
significance here is that this entire film has no dialogue, it’s in vivid color, and takes place at Riverside
Raceway in California. Great footage! Quality : Excellent


1962 Daytona Continental  (color – 6 min)
Titled “Off To The Races”, this is an old SpeedVision TV broadcast of the very first road race at
Daytona International Speedway (racing in the infield would become common in subsequent years with
the 24 Hours Of Daytona). A.J Foyt drives a Pontiac Tempest, while Dan Gurney takes the win.
Quality : Very Good +


1963 Monterey Pacific Grand Prix  (color – 9 min)
Jim Clark, A.J. Foyt, Lloyd Ruby, Bob Holbert, Jim Hall, Dave MacDonald, and many others appeared in
this race at the legendary Laguna Seca track in California. By 1963, Jim Hall was already the center of
attention as he was displaying one of his innovative Chaparral cars at every race, but this event would be
won by Dave MacDonald and his Shelby Cobra.  Quality : Good


1963 Road America 500  (color – 23 min)
Great footage from Elkhart Lake Wisconsin and Road America. Augie Pabst and Bill Wuesthoff take the
overall win in a Emva Mk.7 Porsche. Second overall (and first in their class) was the Miles/Holbert
Shelby Cobra, with Carroll Shelby in attendance to oversee the reliability factor in this grueling 500
mile race. Along with Shelby, a young Roger Penske is interviewed, who wielded a Ferrari GTO. Also
seen are the Scarab of Don Yenko, and a 3-car E-Type Jaguar team.  Quality : Very Good +


1964 Road America 500  (color – 22 min)
Another great film featuring the 1964 Road America 500, again from Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin. We’re
treated to a hot lap with an in-car camera in Roger Penske’s Corvette. Jim Hall and his Chaparral are the
class of the field, easily pulling out to an early lead. But after a pit stop, Hall loses the lead. His
replacement driver (Roger Penske) takes the Chaparral back out, but runs off the track with an
apparent brake failure (Jim Hall is now driving Roger Penske’s Corvette). The Shelby Cobra of Ken
Miles suffered a mechanical failure, and he switches to another Shelby Cobra to stay in 3rd place.
Penske’s Corvette has to pit with a loose wheel, taking him out of 2nd place, while at the front, the
Hansgen/Pabst Ferrari 250 LM wins in a record setting run. Chris Economaki is the pit lane reporter.
Quality : Very Good +


1965 Daytona Continental 2000KM  (color – 14 min)
A Goodyear film, this is a 1243-mile race using the Daytona infield course. The first lap is run on the
tri-oval track, then marshals rush out and place cones to direct the cars to use the infield portion of the
circuit. Bob Bondurant is off a huge lead in his Ford GT Prototype, but as he comes up to the cones, he
fails to turn and plows right through, rejoining the field in last place. John Surtees takes the lead in his
prototype Ferrari, but is soon caught and passed by Dan Gurney in the Pacesetter Ford. The Fords are
in positions 1 through 5 when Gurney’s car breaks a piston. The race runs into the night and ends with
the top 5 being a mix of Shelby Daytona Coupes and Ford GT’s.
Quality : Very Good . The color is washed out on this one, we tried to clean it up as best we could.