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1994 Australian Grand Prix


1994 Australian Grand Prix


1-DVD (120 Minutes)

This is the complete race as broadcast on LIVE TV.


Heading into the final race of the 1994 season, Michael Schumacher led Damon Hill in the championship
standings by a single point, with Gerhard Berger far behind in third place. The 1994 World Championship
would be decided at Adelaide, and it would come down to Schumacher vs. Hill.

In Friday qualifying, Michael Schumacher crashed heavily, but still managed to be second on the grid
behind Nigel Mansell in the Williams. On Saturday it was raining, so the grid was set with Damon Hill
third, Mika Hakkinen in the McLaren was fourth, followed by the Jordans of Rubens Barrichello and
Eddie Irvine. Schumacher’s teammate Johnny Herbert seventh, followed by the Ferrari of Jean Alesi.

All eyes were on the Benetton of Michael Schumacher and the Williams of Damon Hill. At the start,
Schumacher edged ahead of pole sitter Nigel Mansell, and Damon Hill did the same. Now it was classic F1
drama, as Hill chased after Schumacher, pressuring him all the way. Nigel Mansell made a rare mistake
and allowed Mika Hakkinen and Reubens Barrichello to pass. When the pit stops began, the order was
shuffled, but Schumacher and Hill both stayed out, each waiting for the other to make their first move.
The pressure was unbearable, and on lap 32, Schumacher misjudged a turn and tapped a wall. Damon Hill
saw his chance and went to pass the German. But Schumacher, knowing his chance at the World
Championship would be gone if Hill passed his damaged Benetton, intentionally turned into the path of Hill.
They made hard contact with one another, and Schumacher went up on two wheels, then nose first into a
tire barrier. Schumacher was definitely out, but Damon Hill limped around to his pits. His suspension was
damaged, and he had to retire from the race. Michael Schumacher was standing behind a catch fence by
his damaged Benetton when he received word that Damon Hill was out of the race. With neither driver
scoring any points, Michael Schumacher would win the 1994 championship by the same single point he
started the race with. Damon Hill was understandably furious at the strong arm tactics used by
Schumacher, and this race would always cast a shadow over the future 7-time champion’s career.

With the championship decided, reporters surrounded Schumacher and Hill, eager to get their
comments. Meanwhile, there was still a race to be run, and Nigel Mansell would take over the race
lead, with a surging Gerhard Berger hot on his tail. But Berger eventually made a mistake and dropped
back, and Nigel Mansell went on to win, Berger was second, and Martin Brundle third. This race
would also mark the final career win for the popular Nigel Mansell, who would appear in 2 more
races in 1995, but failed to score any points. Nigel would retire with 31 wins in 1987 starts.

This is a EuroSport broadcast, with commentary (in English) by Allard Kalff and John Watson.