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1993 Australian Grand Prix


1993 Australian Grand Prix


1-DVD (124 Minutes)

This is the complete race as broadcast on LIVE TV.


One of the greatest rivalries in the history of Formula 1 came to an end at the final race of the 1993
season in Adelaide, Australia. Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost met as competitors for the last time. Alain
Prost would celebrate his 4th and final World Championship, while Ayrton Senna would drive his famous
McLaren for the last time. Sadly, this would also mark the final win for Ayrton Senna.

The 1993 season was dominated by the Williams team, which used ground breaking (and very
controversial) technological advantages of active suspension and traction control. Alain Prost had returned
to Formula 1 after taking the 1992 season off (he was fired by Ferrari at the end of the 1991 season).
Alain was lured out of his self induced retirement after witnessing the advantages of the Williams car,
which Nigel Mansell easily drove to the 1992 championship. A disgruntled Ayrton Senna was actually going
to sit out the 1993 season, as the McLaren team was at a disadvantage in both the suspension and
powerplant departments over the Williams. Senna was hoping to be driving the superior Williams car in
1993, but Frank Williams chose Alain Prost, and Prost had a clause in his contract stating that he would
only drive for Williams if Senna was not his teammate. Senna would struggle all year with the McLaren, yet
managed to trade wins all season long with Alain Prost. By the time of the final race at Adelaide, the
championship had already been decided, Alain Prost would win a well-deserved 4th championship.

However, there was pride on the line for Senna, as well as McLaren. One more win, and McLaren would
pass Ferrari on the all-time wins list. And Senna was a fighter. Even though the 1993 championship had
been decided, this would be his final race for McLaren, and the last time he would face his nemesis Alain
Prost (with Alain Prost’s retirement, Senna would be driving the Williams car in 1994). Senna would drive
his famous Marlboro sponsored McLaren MP4-8  into victory lane one last time.

Senna would qualify on pole, beating the two Williams cars of Alain Prost and Damon Hill (the first time a
Williams was off pole all season), Michael Schumacher was fourth on the grid in his Benetton, followed by
Mika Hakkinen’s McLaren and Gerhard Berger’s Ferrari. It took three attempts to start the race with
Ukyo Katayama (Tyrrell) and then Eddie Irvine (Jordan) stalling. Both were sent to the back of the grid.
The third attempt was successful with Senna leading Prost into the first corner. Hill was third with
Schumacher close behind, while Mika Hakkinen made a bad start and was stuck behind Gerhard Berger.
On lap 20, Michael Schumacher retired with an engine failure. Senna pitted on lap 24, and Prost was
briefly in the lead, but Alain stopped on lap 29, allowing Senna to take the lead. The two Williams cars had
to stop again, and Senna oulled out to an substantial lead. When Senna stopped for his second pit stop on
lap 55, he was able to rejoin with a 20 second lead. Late in the race, Damon Hill tried to pass his teammate
Alain Prost for second place, but Damon spun out (he still managed to finish third).

This is a EuroSport broadcast, with commentary (in English) by Allard Kalff and John Watson.