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1991 Brazilian Grand Prix


1991 Brazilian Grand Prix


1-DVD (128 Minutes)

This is the complete race as broadcast in Portuguese on LIVE TV.


The original live Portuguese broadcast of the 1991 Brazilian Grand Prix! Of all the victories in Ayrton
Senna’s career, this one meant the most to him. Ever since entering Formula 1, Senna could not win on
his home track in front of his adoring fans. On this day, a truly heroic effort by Senna would cement
his legend and capture the hearts of F1 fans around the world.

After qualifying on pole yet again, Senna took the lead immediately in the race. Alain Prost was stuck
behind Nelson Piquet while Nigel Mansell gave chase to Senna. As the race wore on, Patrese, Berger
and Alesi pitted, while Nigel Mansell’s pit stop went bad as he fished for gears. After rejoining the
race, Mansell caught Senna, while further back Patrese overtook Piquet, and Berger closed in. On lap
50, Mansell suddenly arrived in the pits with a tire puncture. He rejoined but the gap to Senna was
half a minute. Mansell charged back but then spun off when the gearbox gave out. Senna’s gearbox
was also beginning to fail, so he decided to put it in sixth gear and drive around without changing
gears for the last seven laps. This proved to be an enormous strain on Senna, as he had 5 cars closing
in on him. And then it began to rain. The leading three drivers struggled to the finish in terrible
conditions, and the top six cars were all within 23 seconds of each other. As Senna crossed the line,
he was followed by Patrese, Berger, Prost, Piquet and Alesi.

During the last 7 laps, Senna did not believe he could continue due to the enormous pain in
his shoulders, and having to nurse his McLaren around in 6th gear. Somehow he managed to
find the strength. After the race, Senna was in such agony that he could not raise his arms
to salute the crowd, and he had to helped from the car. Upon seeing his father, Ayrton asked
that he not be hugged because he was in such pain. During the podium ceremony, he
tried several times to raise the trophy over his head, but could not. He finally managed
to raise the trophy with one arm as he grimaced in agony.

Quality is just “good” on this video, not as clear as our other races, this video is most definitely
watchable! A truly remarkable race won by a truly remarkable legend of Formula 1. This is the full TV
broadcast in Portuguese, and even if you do not speak the language, the excitement in the voice of the
announcer as Senna wins is unforgettable, and the fans are wild in the celebration of their hero.