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1991 Belgian Grand Prix


1991 Belgian Grand Prix


1-DVD (81 Minutes)

This is the complete race as broadcast on LIVE TV.


The Jordon Team arrived on the scene for the 1991 season with 7up being their sponsor. They struggled
throughout the season to get a few championship points, but then received some bad news just before
the Belgian Grand Prix. Their #2 driver, Bertrand Gachot, was sentenced to jail back in England,
convicted of spraying a taxi cab driver with CS gas the previous winter. Eddie Jordan quickly signed a
young, talented German driver named Michael Schumacher, who had never driven an F1 car before, to
replace Gachot. The future 7-time world champion was eighth fastest in his first qualifying session,
driving on a track he had never raced before, in a car he never raced before. Meanwhile, Ayrton Senna
took pole once again in his familiar Marlboro sponsored McLaren, Alain Prost was second on the grid in
his Ferrari, Nigel Mansell was third in his Williams FW14, Senna’s teammate Gerhard Berger was
fourth, Jean Alesi fifth in the other Ferrari, Nelson Piquet sixth in the Benetton, and then the
remarkable Michael Schumacher in the Jordan was seventh. Andrea de Cesaris, the prime driver
for the Jordan Team, was eleventh on the grid.

At the start, Ayrton Senna took the lead, followed by Alain Prost, Nigel Mansell, Nelson Piquet, Gerhard
Berger, and a slow-starting Jean Alesi. Before the first lap was over, Michael Schumacher had abused
his clutch, and his first Formula 1 race came to an end. In spite of his failure to actually compete in the
race, Michael Schumacher’s qualifying made him a name to look out for in the future. On the second lap,
Alain Prost’s Ferrari blew its engine, ending his day. Nigel Mansell then pressured Senna, but the
Brazilian held him off until pit stops for fresh tires. After the stops, Mansell emerged in the lead, while
Jean Alesi was running without a stop and briefly challenged Mansell, but then he began to drop away and
came under pressure from Senna. On lap 21, Mansell’s engine cut out and Alesi went into the lead,
followed by Senna. The battle for third place became very lively between Patrese, Piquet and de Cesaris.
On lap 31, Jean Alesi’s Ferrari engine failed. Senna took the lead while Andrea de Cesaris moved into
second around Nelson Piquet. De Cesaris was able to track down Senna, but every time he did his
temperature gauges rose and he had to back off. On lap 41, Andrea de Cesaris blew his engine, and now
it was Riccardo Patrese’s turn at attacking Senna. But Patrese ran into gearbox trouble, and Gerhard
Berger moved into second place behind his teammate Ayrton Senna. The race would finish with Senna
capturing another win, followed by his teammate Gerhard Berger, then Nelson Piquet in third.

This is a BBC broadcast with Murray Walker and James Hunt on commentary. Quality is not as good as
some of our other races, but we had to add this one as it was Schumie’s first F1 start, and Senna has
another brilliant drive. There were a few breaks during the broadcast, about 8 laps are not shown.