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1990 British Grand Prix


1990 British Grand Prix


1-DVD (84 Minutes)

This is the complete race as broadcast on LIVE TV.


There was a huge crowd to support Nigel Mansell at the 1990 British Grand Prix, and Mansell did not
disappoint as he put his Ferrari on pole ahead of Senna. A very exciting start, as Mansell and Senna
dove into the first turn, but Senna refused to be intimidated by the Brit and took the lead. Gerhard
Berger followed Mansell, with Thierry Boutsen fourth. On lap 12, the crowd went wild when Mansell
overtakes Senna for the lead. On lap 14, Senna spins and drops to fifth, while Alain Prost continues to
lurk in fourth place. On lap 22, Mansell began having trouble with his gearbox, and loses the lead to
Gerhard Berger, but on lap 28, he regains the lead. On lap 31, Alain Prost, always conserving his tires
and driving a conservative race, overtakes Gerhard Berger for second place. Then on lap 43, Prost
finally overtakes Mansell for the lead to the dismay of the partisan crowd. On lap 56, Mansell goes out
permanently with a broken gearbox. He then walked back to the pits and announced to a small group of
pressmen that he had decided to retire from Formula 1 at the end of the year. Alain Prost went on to
win his third consecutive race, with Thierry Boutsen taking a surprising second, and Ayrton Senna
third. With this win, Alain Prost would move ahead of Ayrton Senna in the World Championship.

This is an original ESPN broadcast from 1990. The source was an old VHS tape, so it is a
bit grainy, but very watchable! American fans of Formula 1 racing will be happy to hear a
couple familiar TV voices, that of Bob Varsha and David Hobbs.