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1990 Australian Grand Prix


1990 Australian Grand Prix


1-DVD (93 Minutes)

This is the complete race as broadcast on LIVE TV.


Ayrton Senna wrapped up the 1990 Championship at the previous race in Suzuka Japan, but it came
with great controversy after a collision between Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost (the second one in
two years, at the same track, and again the incident would determine the championship). FISA
announced plans for a special inquiry into safety after Ferrari threatened to withdraw from F1
unless sanctions were taken against dangerous driving, a direct reference to Ayrton Senna. As the
teams arrived in Adelaide for the last race of the year, Senna placed his McLaren on pole yet again,
followed by his teammate Gerhard Berger, then the two Ferraris of Nigel Mansell and Alain Prost,
Jean Alesi’s Tyrrell, the Williams of Riccardo Patrese, and then the Benetton of 3-time World
Champion Nelson Piquet, followed by his teammate Roberto Moreno. Nelson Piquet had been having
a dry spell. He had not had a win in 3 years, but at the previous race in Suzuka Japan, he became
the unlikely winner when Senna and Prost collided. Nelson Piquet seemed to be rejuvenated here at
Adelaide, his Benetton was running well, and he looking for back-to-back wins.

At the start, Senna went into the lead with Berger second, but on the second lap Berger
accidentally hit his ignition kill switch, and by the time he recovered he had lost second place to
Nigel Mansell. Nelson Piquet passed Alain Prost on lap 6, and then passed Gerhard Berger 3 laps
later to sit comfortably in third place behind Nigel Mansell, who had reeled in Ayrton Senna. Senna
and Mansell fought a great battle until lap 43 when Mansell went up an escape road. He later pitted
and dropped to fifth, leaving Nelson Piquet in second place. Alain Prost finally moved ahead of
Gerhard Berger to take third place. The feisty Nigel Mansell came roaring back, and passed
Gerhard Berger on lap 57. On lap 62, Ayrton Senna went off track and slid into a tire barrier when
his gearbox failed. That left Nelson Piquet in the lead, but Nigel Mansell was closing fast. Mansell
passed Alain Prost and began closing in on Piquet. Mansell made one desperate lunge for the lead on
the last lap, almost hitting the back of the Benetton, but Piquet stayed ahead to win.

Quality is good, but a little grainy. This is an original 1990 ESPN live broadcast, with some great
commentary by Bob Varsha and the always entertaining David Hobbs.