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1989 San Marino Grand Prix


1989 San Marino Grand Prix


1-DVD (147 Minutes)

This is the complete race as broadcast on LIVE TV.


Ayrton Senna qualifies on pole again, with Alain Prost 2nd, Nigel Mansell 3rd. At the start of the race,
Senna takes the lead, followed by Mansell and Patrese. On the fourth lap, Gerhard Berger’s Ferrari went
straight into the wall at around 160mph. The impact damaged the car considerably and it bounced down
the wall, came to a rest, and burst into flames. The fire crews were quick on the scene, and the fire was
out in just over 20 seconds. Berger suffered a broken rib, chemical burns to his body, and second degree
burns to his hands. The race was stopped while Berger was tended to.

When the race restarted, Prost took the lead from Senna, but Senna immediately responded by making an
aggressive pass to take back the lead. Prost felt that the move violated a previous agreement they had
about not overtaking at Tosa on the first lap. It was the start of the breakdown of their relationship.

In the end, it was another victory for Senna, with Prost in 2nd, and a surprising 3rd place finish for
Alessandro Nannini in his Benetton. Nigel Mansell went out with a gearbox failure on lap 23.

This race features a split commentary, between a French broadcaster, and the usual British mates of
Murray Walker and James Hunt. 90% of this broadcast is in English, with extended coverage in French of
the Gerhard Berger crash. Because of the Berger crash and the subsequent red flag stopping the race,
this DVD comes in at just under 2 hrs 30 min.