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1989 Portuguese Grand Prix – In-Car


1989 Portuguese Grand Prix – In-Car


1-DVD (106 Minutes)

This is the complete race as broadcast on LIVE TV.


A rare treat for Formula 1 fans! This is the entire 1989 Portuguese Grand Prix as seen from the cockpit
of Gerhard Berger’s Ferrari. Since this DVD consists of just the in-car camera, the race itself is hard
to follow, so here’s a rundown of what happened in this very controversial race.

Ayrton Senna (McLaren) qualifies 1st, Gerhard Berger (Ferrari) 2nd, and Nigel Mansell (Ferrari) 3rd.
On the start, Berger beats Senna into Turn 1, then leads the race. On Lap 24, Nigel Mansell passes
Gerhard Berger for the lead in a very dangerous move on the front straight, going 3 wide! Mansell
opens up a massive 25-second lead, but during his mid-race pit stop, he overshoots his pit stall. His
Ferrari crew start to push his car backwards just as Mansell finds reverse and backs into his pit. When
Mansell finally leaves the pits, he is down to 5th place, and quickly works his way up to 3rd behind
2nd place Ayrton Senna, who is losing fluid out the tailpipe of his McLaren. The FIA rules that Mansell’s
pit lane mistake was a serious penalty, and Mansell was shown the black flag on Lap 46, eliminating him
from the race. But Mansell ignores the black flag, and continues to chase 2nd place Senna. On Lap 49,
Mansell collides with Senna, taking out both cars! Ron Dennis (Team McLaren) was furious, storms the
Ferrari pit box, and has to be restrained. Meanwhile, Senna stood by a guardrail with his head hung low,
realizing that with only 3 races left to go in the season, his hopes of capturing the 1989 World
Championship may have just been handed to his rival and teammate Alain Prost.

Gerhard Berger remained in the lead and wins the race. But even with this win came controversy. The
FIA stewards protested that Berger had taken his helmet off on his victory lap, a penalty that could
have cost him the win (you can see the moment when Berger removes his helmet on his cool down lap).

This DVD consists only of Gerhard Berger’s in-car camera, from his warm-up lap before the race to his
victorious cool-down lap. We have added a lap counter in order for you to follow along with the race
highlights described above. If you love the sound of a screaming Ferrari, and love watching a great
Formula 1 driver for an entire 71-lap race, then this DVD is for you!

Note : We also have this exciting race as broadcast live by the BBC (see F1 Complete Races).