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1985 San Marino Grand Prix


1985 San Marino Grand Prix


1-DVD (102 Minutes)

This is the complete race as broadcast on LIVE TV.


Only two weeks after Ayrton Senna captured his first win, he was back at Imola on pole driving one of
the two Lotus John Player Special cars.  There were a lot of mechanical issues with various cars in this
race, including Albereto who went out on lap 30. It was Senna’s race to win, and all he had to really
worry about were the McLarens of Prost and Lauda. But late in the race, a surging Stephan Johansson
passed Senna’s teammate Elio de Angelis to move into 3rd in the closing laps, then passed Alain Prost to
move to 2nd. On lap 58 (of 60), Senna ran out of fuel, handing the lead to Johansson, but then he too ran
out of fuel, allowing Alain Prost to take the lead with de Angelis second and Thierry Boutsen third.
Prost’s last lap was slow, trying to conserve fuel, and in fact he stopped as he crossed the line, out of
fuel. Boutsen, in 3rd place, also crossed the line with his engine dead.

The winner was Alain Prost, but he was disqualified for his car being 2 kilograms underweight, and the
victory was given to second place Elio de Angelis in his Lotus John Player Special, with Boutsen second,
Tambay third, Lauda fourth, Mansell fifth, Stefan Johansson sixth, and Ayrton Senna seventh.

Clear footage and excellent coverage, with Murray Walker and James Hunt on commentary.