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1982 Italian Grand Prix


1982 Italian Grand Prix


1-DVD (96 Minutes)

This is the complete race as broadcast on LIVE TV.


Heading into the Italian Grand Prix (the second to last race of the season), the World Championship
points leader was Keke Rosberg (Williams). Rosberg had taken over the points lead from Didier Peroni
after Peroni suffered a horrible crash at the German Grand Prix a few weeks earlier (Peroni would be
out for the rest of the year). Although Peroni had a sizeable points lead at the time of his crash, his
lead would quickly fade due to his absence in the remaining races. By the time of the Italian Grand
Prix, the points battle was coming down to Keke Rosberg and John Watson.

After Didier Peroni’s crash, Ferrari was desperate to field a two-car team again to maintain their
manufacturer points. They were forced to run a single car entry (Patrick Tambay) for the Austrian
Grand Prix and Swiss Grand Prix, but with the manufacturer points tightening, Ferrari hired
Mario Andretti to field their second car for the last two races of the year, the Italian Grand Prix
and Caesar’s Palace Grand Prix. Andretti would place the Ferrari on pole here at Monza, followed by
Nelson Piquet (Brabham), and Patrick Tambay (Ferrari).

It was a wild start, as Andretti got off the line poorly, and Alain Prost (Renault) went off the track,
while Rene Arnoux (Renault) managed his way to the front from sixth position. Riccardo Patrese
(Brabham) soon passed the front runners to challenge Rene Arnoux for the lead, but then suffered a
clutch failure on lap 6. Alain Prost battled his way back through the field, and on lap 7 moved into third
place where he remained until lap 27 when his fuel injection failed. Rene Arnoux would take the win,
followed by the Ferraris of Patrick Tambay and Mario Andretti.

This is the BBC broadcast, with Murray Walker and James Hunt on commentary, but there are a few
sections where the audio changes to German commentary. We spent a great deal of time getting the
sound levels to remain constant, correcting the color and brightness as best we could, and while the
footage is subpar when the audio changes to German commentary, it is still very watchable.