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1980 Monaco Grand Prix


1980 Monaco Grand Prix


1-DVD (125 Minutes)


This is the complete 1980 Monaco Grand Prix race. There is some clever editing
 performed here. The entire race no longer exists on video, but through editing
 and using multiple sources, the entire race is available. The pre-race is from
a British broadcast, there is some ABC Wide World Of Sports mixed in, and
during the race the audio switches back and forth from British to German
commentary. This editing allows you to see the entire race as it was broadcast. 


The 1980 Monaco Grand Prix was won by Carlos Reutemann driving a Williams-Cosworth,
but the race was most remembered for a spectacular crash at the start, when Derek Daly
collided with Bruno Giacomelli’s Alfa Romeo. Daly’s Tyrrell-Cosworth went flying over
Giacomelli and landed between teammate Jean-Pierre Jarier and Alain Prost’s
McLaren-Cosworth. All 4 drivers were out, but none suffered any serious injury.

Also of note is this is the first race (other than a guest commentary in 1979) where the
colorful James Hunt occupied the seat next to Murray Walker in the broadcast booth. The
BBC team of Walker/Hunt would continue until Hunt’s death in 1993. True to form, Hunt
arrived in the booth at the last minute, then he placed his plaster-cast leg into Walker’s
lap and proceeded to drink two bottles of wine during the broadcast.