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1979 U.S. Grand Prix – West


1979 U.S. Grand Prix – West


1-DVD (107 Minutes)

This is the complete 1979 United States Grand Prix West race from Long Beach, CA.
There is some clever editing performed here. The entire race no longer exists on
video, but through editing and using multiple sources, the entire race is available
(similar to our 1980 Monaco GP broadcast). This is live CBS Sports coverage, but
 during commercial breaks, the audio switches to a German broadcaster. This
editing allows you to see the entire race as it was broadcast.


The 1979 U.S. Grand Prix West was held on the street circuit of Long Beach, California. The
Ferrari Team of Gilles Villeneuve and Jody Scheckter take the 1st and 2nd positions in their
Ferrari 312T4’s. The two Ferrari’s (and two Renault RS01’s) were the only cars in the field using
Michelin tires, the rest of the field used Goodyears. The legendary Long Beach circuit brought
100,000 fans on this day to see the best drivers on the world do battle.

NOTE : The video portion of this DVD has a slight ‘stuttering’ effect during the
first part of the race due to an improper VHS to DVD video framing conversion rate.
The effect gets less noticeable as the race goes on.