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1976-1977 – Formula 1 (Vol 3)


1976-1977 Formula 1 (Volume 3)


1-DVD (143 Minutes)

1976 Japanese Grand Prix Highlights  – 50 min

This broadcast begins with a recap of the 1976 F1 season, and then transitions to edited live highlights of the 1976 Japanese
Grand Prix, where the epic battle between James Hunt vs. Niki Lauda would play out in front a rain-soaked crowd. The first
ever Japanese Grand Prix was also the final race of the year, a year that was filled with drama. With a large points lead
heading into the German Grand Prix (race #10 of 16), Niki Lauda crashed heavily, and was badly burned. It was assumed his
season, and possibly his career, was over. But Niki not only pulled through, he miraculously was back in action at Monza just
three races later, finishing fourth. With the points race back on, James Hunt struck back with wins at both the Canadian
Grand Prix and U.S. Grand Prix (Watkins Glen), setting up the drama for the last race of the season. Heading into the
Japanese Grand Prix, James Hunt was three points behind Niki Lauda.

The weather at Fuji was atrocious, and there was debate whether the race should be postponed, but the decision was made
to run. After the second lap, Lauda withdrew from the race due to the weather, followed a few laps later by Fittipaldi. Hunt
knew he had to finish fifth or better to capture the championship. Patrick DePailler and his Tyrrell P34 six-wheeler were in
fine form, and with the track drying out, just 10 laps to go, Depailler passed James Hunt for the lead (good footage of the
6-wheeler here). Unfortunately, the left rear of DePailler’s Tyrrell P34 began to deflate, and Patrick had to pit, handing the
lead to Mario Andretti. A few laps later, James Hunt also had a tire problem and had to pit. Distraught but not discouraged,
Hunt came storming back to pass two cars, ending up third, and capturing the F1 Championship. Mario Andretti won the race,
while Patrick DePailler brought the Tyrrell P34 into second place. This is an original broadcast from 1976.


Clash Of The Titans – Lauda vs. Hunt  – 42 min

An excellent BBC documentary series focusing on the all-time greatest sports rivalries, this edition is on the
famous dual between polar opposites James Hunt and Niki Lauda. With comments from Niki Lauda, Murray
Walker, McLaren Team Manager Alastair Caldwell, and many others, archival footage recaps their careers,
focuses on the legendary 1976 season, and ends with Hunt’s final race. This is an original broadcast from 1996.
Quality Note : There is a slight audio flutter in the background on this footage, which sounds like a faint movie
projector. It is not noticeable through TV speakers, but in detectable when listening through headphones.


1977 Formula 1 – Season Review  – 51 min

From the famed Motors library, this exceptional recap of the 1977 Formula 1 season covers each race in detail, with a lot of
excellent and very clear footage of the Tyrrell P34 six-wheelers, this year being driven by Patrick DePailler and Ronnie
Peterson. For 1977, Lotus debuted the Lotus 78, the first ever ground effects cars, driven by Mario Andretti and Gunnar
Nilsson. Niki Lauda easily won the championship, while his rival James Hunt struggled with his McLaren early in the season,
but won two of the three final races to end up fifth in points. Tragedy struck at the final race in Fuji Japan when rookie Gilles
Villeneuve (Ferrari) and Ronnie Peterson (Tyrrell P34) were involved in a wreck that killed two spectators.