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1973 Dutch Grand Prix


1973 Dutch Grand Prix


1-DVD (100 Minutes)

This is the complete race, without ANY commentary,

only the sound of Ford Cosworth DFV’s, and a couple

of BRM’s, screaming away. This was the raw video feed

that commentators used for their TV broadcast. Please

note that this DVD is for hard-core F1 collectors and

fans only! Others will probably be bored.


Jackie Stewart won his 26th Grand Prix by taking victory in the Dutch Grand Prix at Zandvoort,
in a race overshadowed by tragedy when young British driver Roger Williamson lost his life in a
horrendous accident. A tire problem had caused him to crash and the March came to rest upside
down and on fire at the side of the track. The trapped Williamson was unable to free himself but the
marshals inexplicably did nothing despite the track being obscured by smoke and covered with debris.
Fellow driver David Purley stopped his car and ran to his friend’s aid, and tried to right the blazing
car by himself. Sadly, his efforts were in vain and Williamson perished. Purley was awarded the
George Medal for his bravery, but he remained bitter that marshals had not done more to
help save his friend, and criticized the fire-fighting services at the scene. Amazingly the race
continued, and the race cars pass the white powered remains of Williamson’s car, sometimes
passing just feet from it while at very high speeds. A very bizarre and sad situation.

Formula 1 safety has changed dramatically since this time period.

As for the race itself, Ronnie Peterson’s Lotus led the Tyrrells of Jackie Stewart and Francois Cevert,
but gearbox problems dropped him behind the Tyrrell Team. As Stewart drove on to win, James Hunt
brought his March up to third and Peterson retired once more.

There is also a 9-minute post race French TV broadcast reviewing the tragic death of Roger Williamson.