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1970’s F1 – Tragedy & Triumph


1970’s F1 : Tragedy & Triumph


1-DVD (142 Minutes)

Warning : This DVD contains graphic content. Viewer discretion is advised.


Champions Forever  – 87 min

This documentary was originally released in 1974 by Columbia Pictures in the United Sates, and was re-released in
later years under different titles. This version is the original film from 1974 titled “Champions Forever”, and nearly all of
the material in this documentary is from the 1973 Formula 1 season. The focus is on the tragedies and deaths in
Formula 1 racing, the overall danger in the sport, and the lifestyles of Formula 1 drivers. Interviews with Peter Revson
(killed in 1974) and Francois Cevert (Jackie Stewart’s Tyrrell teammate, killed at the 1973 U.S. Grand Prix) bring the
personal level into this documentary, as both drivers were interviewed, and then tragically killed after the movie was
completed. This movie was an eye opener at the time, and bolstered Jackie Stewart’s opinion that Formula 1 was far
too dangerous. Also has phenomenal footage of Monaco, and Jackie Stewart takes us around the Nürburgring
Nordschleife circuit, explaining the techniques used on the most dangerous parts of the 14.2 mile circuit.

Shown in letterbox format, this film is very clear, with excellent sound. Some of the material shown is graphic, and
there is some nudity that was never aired on any subsequent TV telecasts. Viewer discretion is advised.


Grand Prix – Golden Years  – 55 min

An excellent documentary focusing on the 1970-1980 era of Formula 1, hosted by ex-Formula 1 driver John Watson. From
the early 70’s with Jackie Stewart up through to the new turbo era with Rene Arnoux, this is more of an introduction to the
1970’s Formula 1 era, not covering any particular race in any great detail, but very entertaining, and the footage is quite
clear. Also discusses the epic Hunt Vs. Lauda battle of 1976. This video was produced in 1999.