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1970’s – Draggin’ Into The 70’s – Volume 3


Draggin’ Into The 70’s – Volume 3


1-DVD (140 Minutes)

1970 U.S. Nationals – Indianapolis, IN – (38 min)
An original special for ABC’s Wide World Of Sports, this 1970 film follows Don Prudhomme during the U.S.
Nationals in Indianapolis, IN. Lots of great footage in this one! Prudhomme, in what would be his final year
running a front-engined Top Fuel dragster, faces Jim Nicoll in the final round. This excellent film also covers
some other classes at the U.S. Nationals, but the focus is on Prudhomme. (Condition – VG+)

1971 “Once Upon A Wheel” – Documentary – (24 min)
A series produced for network TV, this installment was called “Match Race”, and covers the newly formed
Hot Wheels team of Don “The Snake” Prudhomme and Tom “The Mongoose” McEwen. This is an excellent
film for those interested in the two famous Hot Wheels funny cars. (Condition – VG+ to Excellent)

1974 U.S. Nationals – Indianapolis, IN – (34 min)
Another excellent  ABC Wide World Of Sports presentation, we see Marvin Graham win Top Fuel,
Don Prudhomme wins funny car, and Bob Glidden wins Pro Stock. Great interviews along the way,
and a truly memorable piece of 1970’s drag racing.  (Condition – Excellent)

1975 U.S. Nationals – Indianapolis, IN – (40 min)
ABC Wide World Of Sports coverage of the 1975 U.S. Nationals. The focus is on the Don Garlits vs. Shirley
Muldowney rivalry, and they do not disappoint, as they meet up in the final round. Great interviews with
both Garlits and Muldowney along the way, along with a decidedly hippie-looking Gary Beck. In funny car,
Raymond Beadle and the Blue Max pull off the upset of the event by defeating Don Prudhomme. Some very
rare interviews in this one, as ABC-TV wanted more from their broadcast than just drag racing. They speak to
Pat Garlits, Ray Beadle, and many others that seldom received any camera time. In Pro Stock, the 4-door
Gapp & Roush Maverick defeats Richie Zul. (Condition – Excellent)